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Dr. Muwayye Abu Hassanin, the director of the emergency department in the hospital,

I sent a copy of the notice that I received directly from IRS

In a dramatic development, at least three rockets hit northern Israel from the direction

and so I directed him to your video, the Fiat Money System, which is on Google Video.

In a dramatic development, at least three rockets hit northern Israel from the direction

directly while he was not represented

because the policeman arrested you and he's commanded to take you directly to the nearest magistrate.

Once you start going after them directly,

To take you directly to the nearest magistrate

But directly to the magistrate and explain himself

So he referred me directly after spending 45 minutes with him over to the county attorney.

Well the main site is and on the website you can either call me directly to order but if you're a commercial farmer or something like that we actually have different pricing so we set you up and I can I can email the pricing to anybody who contacts me but that same number 800-579-0580 that's my main business line.

Are you dealing with futures and direct metal delivery, Tim?

group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, that directed Bush administration

illegal. I wouldn't advise them directly of anything that way. Just say don't call

was directing this poll this online poll finally got to the secretary of the

this crap okay you start messing with our sponsors you start going directly to

chairman of the board of directors not the CEO not the vice president those are

board when it comes to corporations the board of directors is who runs the show

and the chairman of the board of directors is the ultimate boss and that's

chewing out the chairman of the board of directors who literally runs the company

And a commercial account would be used for dealing with any kind of, any kind of business transactions related directly to the business, whether it's retail or not?

Send me an email so I have direct contact with you.

You see, even the base commander could not order me to direct my crew to download that aircraft.

An agency of the sovereign created by it directly or indirectly under its authority consisting

So he should prepare criminal complaints and go directly to a grand jury.

In a story in Thursday's Washington Independent, Jessica Montel, executive director of Beats

where we've been intimidated, both subtly and pretty directly,

the wind direction, and the wind direction was a key.

was one of the executive directors of the independent 9-11 commission,

and there's a lot of police hygiene type out of Edmond, Oklahoma that Bob Ricks is directly in charge of.

is directing the rules of engagement in the Denver SWAT team.

They had to get a time to get a story together so they couldn't take her directly to a magistrate.

from JFK airport flying over Long Island, taking off and going to direct flight into

been the lead person in manhandling the Oklahoma city bombing case, talking directly to law

All US Navy warships in the area immediately steered a course directly away from the scene.

Now my boyfriend went directly to the jail, the bail for all these charges was $4,400.

Yes, on my thing and I remember hearing them giving him some direction, the guy, the cop

like they were directing him like what to do.

ordered by the law director of the city

the law director's violating

because the law director told

our listeners to Randy's beer fund goes directly

and directed me and helped me a great deal.

So they have to get service either through direct service on the person of a summons or through the state's constructive service statutes.

and they have their wages garnished directly, and money goes directly to the DRO,

But at any rate, the entire amount that they pay goes directly to the custodial parent.

and the exact amount goes directly to the custodial parent.

So we are going to go directly into your calls.

criminal complaints against the officer that were directed specifically to the magistrate

and a little bit of direction here.

That doesn't go to the crime directly, so you can't commit perjury by lying about any

ISAF commander General David McKernan recently directed NATO troops to show respect for the

directs him to take you directly to the nearest magistrate

Eric Holder was instrumental in covering up this heinous murder, which was directly associated

and directed defendant his attorney if any

To take his research in different direction

I can point this guy in tons of different directions

Are directly related with the CFR

The burger comes directly from the factory

because I would move too far in one direction.

The directive was sent January 5 to Egon Rams, the German leader at NATO command, and David

in 2004, here we go, an internet search revealed Mosley is also the executive director of the

executive director of another entity, the Legal Affairs Council, in 2005 and had endorsed

impact advertising and marketing, end quote, this is directly off their website, their

I also find it quite striking to realize that he holds a position as the executive director

of our ports, which could directly affect the business he's involved in, okay, I still

directed at elderly people, this guy is the scum of the earth, he preys on elderly people

Well, it's hard to start out as an attorney because you can't go directly to your client.

Clients under the baritory statute cannot directly solicit their service, and it specifically

state officer means an elected or appointed officer of a state agency or an executive director

no sense of direction.

Now, I haven't looked at Florida law directly to isolate these issues, but that's why you

However, Mohamed El Baradi, director general of the UN International Atomic Energy Agency,

called the voir dire.

The voir dire in Texas, it's pronounced voir dire, it's not voir dire, the voir dire is

I keep a text file in each sub-director for any case that I'm helping somebody work on,

That's the way because you've got to direct the show because it's your case, right, Randy?

If your attorney fails to do what you direct him to do, he works for you.

I would put everything in the motion itself. That way it files directly in the court.

and an increasingly dire security situation, Obama and Pentagon officials are calling for

And because of her, the nature of her delivery, I didn't feel it was directed at me.

And some BS data processing excuse is they got misdirected in the filing system or the

There's nothing in law that directs criminal complaints to be filed with the clerk.

requires or directs the clerk to give the complaints to a magistrate, because ultimately

Yeah, he admitted that he had documents directly from the magistrate and they weren't filed with the clerk.

There may be influences from those areas, but they're very indirect if they're there at all

That pointed me in the direction of statutory interpretation as far as the canons of it went

they enter into the contract directly with you, doesn't matter because you are a third party

Procedure to take you directly to the nearest magistrate. But if he does that, he can't write

out directly. Say they're driving down a street that is the border and they see you across the

In a cigarette pack in a silver plant though. Okay so they cannot connect the drugs directly

established that you can't be charged with possession unless they can can directly connect

Denis Blair, Director of National Intelligence, told Congress Thursday

I'm looking for a way to sting the judge more directly

the ATCHHISD Director, or the Travis County Sheriff as applicable.

You need to write to the health director or whoever else they've designated

that may appoint somebody else as they direct and ask who they've appointed

So is mine. And I agree with that. But that's just one of the things that's put in the door that is in California and it could be moving in this direction.

of criminal conduct directly to a grand jury of citizens.

is a way to go directly to a grand jury

then direct the prosecuting attorney

evidence of criminal conduct directly to a grand jury of citizens. And, you know, like

The directive is it goes from the United Nations

This isn't just some bubba head you know falling into the trenches, I mean this is specific, it's very directed and it's coming down from global government called the UN

With Agenda 21 and they're directing it through the federal government of not only this country but all the other countries

direction, and it means at that point, we can then go out to additional communities

move in the direction of liberty.

If you're in the Fed, you can pull up state law for anything the Fed hasn't addressed directly.

you can't really go directly at him for that,

And so basically Google records everything that you do and associates it directly with your IP address so they know where you are,

it will induce a current in the direction of rotation.

and the bank gets a direct deposit from the Treasury called a Fedwire,

because they can't directly do it without the militia,

CIA Director Leon Panetta said Thursday the controversial drone attacks against Pakistan

Homeland Security is a direct quote from the German word that they used for Homeland Security

direction of the President.

You can fund them with a direct, I mean, there's lots of ways you can do it.

That certainly looks like that's the direction that it's headed Catherine, I'm sorry to say

and click on Texas protest in the menu bar, and we'll have all the details and directions

direct deposit, but I mean, I closed my Bank of America and Wells Fargo account because

because they will lead me to do things that don't lead me directly toward my outcome.

and they'll talk about the selection of a jury and they'll say voir dire.

And everybody that can look up Black Law Dictionary will know that it's a French word, voir dire.

But they call it voir dire in Texas.

Vandal, you got any comments or questions at this time? Leave me in another direction?

I hope I gave you some direction.

but I actually want to read it directly from...

And of those 45 things, most of them were things that I had bought that you could directly associate with me,

and I did it so that people like you would be able to download it or direct people to it

and in it, direct the clerk to bring this motion to the attention of the court.

And there may be things that I was unaware of. So I went up to the court clerk window and the deputy is kind of, you know, walking in the same direction as me, but she's kind of keeping her distance.

and he will take it directly to the judge.

Going back to kickbacks, if the city council people are not getting kickbacks directly, personally,

So, you know, so often it's not that there's a direct kickback,

You have to confront them directly.

to HR and got the assistant director of HR and, basically, I was treated sort of like

They have a board of directors at the university, right, or...

passed 20 years ago, so there's no real direct chronology to it.

I'll go through the grand jury stuff and start hammering this in a different direction.

If you misdirect a document from the person or department is directed to in Texas, that's

And if what you're about to do won't lead you directly toward that outcome

or even indirectly toward that outcome, don't do it.

they're to be taken directly to the nearest magistrate.

because he obviously didn't take you directly to the magistrate.

In 2006, Director of Prisons at the Colorado Department of Corrections, Nolan Renfro helped

They're doing it directly under his supervision

assassination ring, which reported directly to former Vice President Dick Cheney.

they are directed to

if the officer had taken you directly to a

that they take me directly to the nearest magistrate

you must be taken directly to the nearest magistrate

he is to take the person arrested directly to the nearest magistrate and explain himself

to take the person arrested directly to the nearest magistrate

they were taken directly to jail

who was supposed to take you directly to the magistrate

Had they taken me directly to a magistrate, and the magistrate found no probable cause,

If anyone secrets a government document from the person or agency it is directed to,

Directs prosecuting attorney who's made known his crimes,

that people really were brought directly to magistrates when they were arrested.

or what the deal is as far as when this section of the Code of Criminal Procedure was abandoned, okay, as far as taking people directly to magistrates.

Or, if someone informs him that they have just witnessed a felony having been committed and directs him to the person that committed the felony, he can arrest that person if there's reason to believe the person will escape.

It was intended that the police have the rest to empower, but to keep the public from having reason to be afraid of the police, our founders, in their wisdom, directed the policeman to take that person directly to a neutral magistrate and explain himself.

But if he had arrested someone on a warrant, he would still have to bring them directly to the nearest magistrate.

A warrant will always direct the police officer or some officer to arrest this person and bring him before me, bring him before the magistrate who issued the warrant.

After the examining trial, 17.30, Code of Criminal Procedure directs the magistrate to seal all the documents had in the hearing,

As a matter of policy in every state I've been to up until now, if a person is arrested, the person is taken directly to jail as a matter of policy.

And then 14.06 commands that he take me directly to the nearest magistrate.

And Randy, remember also, if they took you directly to a magistrate,

on all these companies if they just took you directly to a magistrate first

I'm sorry. An attorney can't directly promote his service.

He can indirectly.

They acted in accordance with his directions.

Everything any officer did, they did at the direction of the chief of police.

here when I told the reporter that I was going to directly submit criminal charges against

This is what our new DA here said directly to the paper.

Did anyone direct a weapon at your person?

They didn't point the gun directly at me, no.

Did they direct a weapon in your general direction?

Then we can go after him directly.

assassination ring, which reported directly to former Vice President Dick Cheney.

And then you input the information and then either sent by email or you could download directly

That lands on their property directly

And that means more time directed to recycling materials that have already been fabricated

He said he's done it in court when the judge directed him to

So I will take them directly to her and give her the option of not doing it and then slap her with 3805 if she refuses

It's written in the form of an affidavit and it specifically says by virtue of the authority vested in me as Comptroller of Public Accounts and named Susan Combs directly

The panelists will include Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, Mad State Executive Director

and Texans for Accountable Government Executive Director John Bush.

But he doesn't directly compete with us, so he's okay

This is coming directly from the federal government, and they are giving these instructions.

Leading climate scientist James Hansen says protest and direct action could be the only

The panelists will include Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, Mass State Executive Director

and Texans for Accountable Government Executive Director John Bush.

�They are hitting us from every direction they can, whether it's the Missouri deals

for following the direction of the prosecuting attorney, and you sue the mayor as respondent

So I'm going to ask you to direct the defendants to strike their answer and direct them to

I can go directly to the grand jury.

1332, 18 US Code 1332, directs a prosecuting attorney when he receives a complaint.

Mad State Executive Director Karen Housewright,

and Texans for Accountable Government Executive Director John Bush.

that they're directing this activity towards, this enforcement is not me.

whether it's misdirected enforcement activity or effective enforcement activity against the straw man,

and I get it directed where it needs to go and then I'm going to ask the court,

You know, Randall, about my truck, and I told you that I would go directly after the evidence,

Ratification goes directly to standing to sue.

So they're saying, okay, so this appears to go directly to standing.

Mad State Executive Director Karen Housewright, City Councilmember Mike Martinez, ACLU Chapter President Debbie Russell,

and Texans for Accountable Government Executive Director John Bush.

I can pull that case law directly into Texas, and I have nothing to overcome because Texas has nothing.

Okay, and it's in a direct violation of the Uniform Commercial Code.

It's a direct violation of the issues relating to forgery or any false documents.

And we had kind of a little conference between the two of us because it wasn't intended to go this direction

And if you go to, there's a guide there and you click on the link and then it redirects you to

Leading climate scientist James Hansen says protest and direct action could be the only

Mad State Executive Director Karen Housewright, City Councilmember Mike Martinez,

Executive Director John Bush.

He would not come out and speak directly to me.

on an allegation of a felony if he had a witness that directly accused you.

them directly to the nearest magistrate was to ensure that if the policeman was mistaken,

Mark directly to a magistrate, then the police would have said, well, we got a phone call

person goes directly to a magistrate, if somebody said something about somebody saying something,

a firearm in their direction. And if Mark had said, I don't know what you're talking

if the arrested person is brought directly to a magistrate

That's why they told the police to take him directly to the magistrate

if they had taken me directly to the magistrate, never would have happened.

they had to take him directly to the magistrate and explain himself.

And the thing that I'm mostly after is take him directly to a magistrate

If the Alamo is under the direction control of the state and not the city of San Antonio, then you have to deal with state law.

Yeah, it's directly out of the cop's camera.

I don't think we can get it if he doesn't misuse the funds directly.

This question is directed to the chief of police and the lady, Mothers Against Drunk

are directly accountable to the people.

Chief, if I can clarify on your behalf, he actually doesn't work directly for the city

FBI Director Robert Mueller this week urged lawmakers to renew the Patriot Act, saying

Carolyn Fredrickson, director of the ACLU's Washington Legislative Office, said the Patriot

The panelists will include Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, Mad State Executive Director

and Texans for Accountable Government Executive Director John Bush.

I am the state director from Mothers Against Drunk Driving and enjoy being out in public

After his speech to the commission, they fired the director, they put in the director's place

There's something called suspicious activity reports, which there's actually the Director

This is a direct quote from the chief at Oak Hill Area Association of Neighborhoods.

the direction of getting some help in this because I've talked to attorneys locally and

The panelists will include Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, Mad State Executive Director

insurance companies under the direction of government that started making people give

and Texans for Accountable Government Executive Director John Bush.

were talking about all along and I even asked him directly if he thought he could do that

they directly said that involuntary blood withdrawal was unconstitutional?

and the sound man and they piped us in sound directly from the sound man's main board and

and record that all and air it live on our station here good for you and we got direct

I'm the state director for Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

with taking direction from the federal government.

And this is a direct result.

That's very direct.

And they condone blood withdrawals if it were, this is a direct quote, Schmerber v. California

See, 1406 commands the arresting officer to take you directly to the nearest magistrate.

He just didn't enter into an interaction directly with him.

Well, it goes directly to liberty.

It goes directly to liberty.

Well, but there can be a direct correlation, Randy, if you consider that because of the way they've made the rules and what they try to do to you for not having the license,

He's going, well, the car moved from this direction to this direction. It turned.

it is shipped directly to Austin, Texas.

In other words, where they do not directly conflict, their meaning is to be merged to

It's not directly related to the motor vehicle the way it's used in other sections of the


And my first direct participation in it was with the amicus brief to the Tenth Circuit

and went beyond that to explain how the thing functioned, and they didn't do it directly.

We weren't Nichols, and we weren't McVeigh, we weren't Nichols, we weren't either one of them directly.

officer, or director of a corporation, joint venture, trust, trustee, agent, or association.

permanently, temporarily, directly, or indirectly, or through a subsidiary or agent by whatever name and office,

against my property came directly from the comptroller.

Now, let's go directly to the term doing business,

the term doing business is directly related to foreign corporations operating in a state

it certainly points in the direction, and it certainly gives us a clue that we need to head that direction.

Therefore, they are automatically unlawful because they are in direct conflict with the

Is there no place where he's either directly or indirectly required to collect all

And I think that's where we stand, and that's why I think we're in a very strong position to move in one direction or another, should we choose to do so.

Well, in state statute here in Texas, it specifically enumerates for citizens to be able to do that and for citizens to be able to go directly to the grand jury.

I like to take these guys on directly with the very laws they use every day and challenge.

That was my only comment. The rest of it, I'm in a Jurassic age. I'm still hanging out with the director right now.

slash 2008 slash 10 slash a-c-o-u dash report dash direct dash Linda dash burt b-u-r-t dot

We're directing the investigator to look at YouTube, sending him videos, sending him

Yeah, in this case, Wray has no direct control over this portion of the agency, so he would

Somehow Springer got her deposed directly.

From a secondary direction

A direction they're not looking

live in that county, even if they haven't necessarily been directly harmed,

directed only at a certain class of people, and we're not of that class of

They're all conspiring that this agent is working under the direction of somebody above her,

Did you know that current Attorney General Eric Holder was directly involved with a cover-up

Did they get there directly or by implication?

That, you know, they send us to school and the school is directed to instill in the child.

But we haven't went in that direction because we're trying to get a court that we can actually use.

which is very direct and forward and the same information I shared with you folks on the sales tax.

was directly involved with a cover-up following the Oklahoma City bombing?

So he made a direct connection with our statutory law to ancient Babylonian law.

Before anybody could give you any reasonable, rational direction,

And I've just been reading as much as I can, and a couple of friends have directed me towards you.

One of the former IRS commissioners on the board of directors, he had signed off on it,

I'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

or you can send me direct if you want to, if it's okay with Randy.

Did you know that current Attorney General Eric Holder was directly involved with a coverup

you come in and you try to do a loan modification with directly with the

Did you know that current Attorney General Eric Holder was directly involved with a cover-up

So I can get to it and research it directly if I need to.

Because otherwise he would have to take you directly to a magistrate

It seems that the officers are trained and directed not to put the statute on the citation

But it does appear to clearly be in direct violation of the constitution

Are there for the majority of keeping the public safe, but their regulatory efforts are directed toward everything commercial, not private

9-11? Did you know that current Attorney General Eric Holder was directly involved with a cover-up

So opening them up to public scrutiny again is certainly a good direction, but, you know,

Did you know that current Attorney General Eric Holder was directly involved with a cover

Well, to get to your, to go directly to your question, take a photograph.

But the stop sign directed traffic exiting a private parking lot.

because he did it in direct violation of the requirements of the offense and the statute

And there are a ton of people working in so many different directions

People waking up and beginning to exert pressure in the other direction

Did you know that current Attorney General Eric Holder was directly involved with a cover-up

others are, nor is it directly searchable, is because of what it would reveal that they're

You cannot directly search it.

Intelligence Committee is having breakfast in DC with the director of the

assistant director of the FBI keep in mind that Nichols has nothing to gain

Klinging an unsung hero in this whole story news director for KFOR came out

strong news director she knew that the FBI was trying to bamboozle her now I'm

news director one of the most popular news stations that part of the country

about in America what purpose to move the American people in which direction or

that too much because what I've seen in inquiries in that direction is I see

or three degrees of separation from someone involved directly involved so

right direction and I think that's what's really helped us out over the years

Oklahoma County, Agent Ricks was asked to resign by FBI director at the time, Louis

building, which is 239 feet, six inches directly to the north of the front door where the mirror

This was on the direct south side.

And we have the marker here where the employees would have gone directly into the mirror building,

yellow earplugs at the end, and he's just nonchalantly looking in the direction of the

mr. Holder was directly involved in those acts of obstruction of justice now

assistant director of corporate ops worldwide he took an apparent demotion

I haven't found anything directly on it, though I found some satellite things dealing with it, and I would agree, they're not allowed to do that

They're the ones that turn corners or seek a different direction to go in

Obama drew sharp criticism from Dick Cheney, former CIA directors and Republicans

Did you know that current Attorney General Eric Holder was directly involved with a cover-up

Now, that's not directly related to transportation, but it is one of those daisy chain things.

That's the only section of the Constitution that gives the federal government the ability to directly write laws that affect the people of the states.

That cannot be the case. If it was, the Constitution would be in conflict with itself because the other provision of the Constitution says that you either have an excise tax or you have an indirect tax.

Or I'm sorry, a direct tax must be in proportion with enumeration of the census. An indirect tax, also called an excise tax, is the only other tax allowed.

So if the 16th Amendment gave them the tax anything and everything, that would put the 16th Amendment in direct conflict with these provisions of the Constitution.

The true owner title is upon first sale to anybody, whoever it may be, sent directly to the State Transportation Department for whatever state you're in.

and they should have been able to transfer it directly to you, but they got defrauded just as you did.

In direct violation of the law, he's not allowed to testify to the evidence or speak to the evidence,

Section 1.001, Purpose of Code, sub-item A, this code is enacted as a part of the state's Continuing Statutory Revision Program, begun by the Texas Legislative Council in 1963 as directed by the legislature in the law codified as Section 323.007, Government Code.

Now, this is an interesting case because this speaks directly to this issue we're talking about where you know the old phrase where if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all, remain silent.

You will get 15 pages of no comment, but you will never ever get a direct answer to your question.

The attorney general has stated in no uncertain terms to the representatives of the legislature that they refuse to respond or reply to direct requests from the public.

through their associations or directly. I mean, they all are big campaign contributors.

So we get someone who's not directly involved to come in and hammer them.

By injecting foreign substances directly into the bloodstream, the human body stands little

That's that that can't fly your, you know, that we have to show direct connection to the company being responsible.

Now, excuse me, but if you were coming in from this direction where you knock down the

At least I'm not in the direct blast.

If there's no will, then the probate goes directly to the discretion of the judge.

Oh, you bought it directly from – you didn't go through a bank for a mortgage?

the one that doesn't, I have a way to go directly at the judge,

They don't get there directly from law

Directly to the nearest magistrate by the most direct route

And I told him you are to take me directly to the nearest magistrate

You're supposed to take me directly to the nearest magistrate

Then they'll start moving in another direction

Or you can send it directly to the grand jury

And threats pretty much replaced the board of directors

And it turns out if they didn't buy Merrill Lynch Ben Bernanke and Hank Paulson were threatening to remove the board of directors

And there was actually an email that the New York State Attorney General got that was circulated between the board of directors

By injecting foreign substances directly into the bloodstream, the human body stands little

First time that federal attorney looks the wrong direction, file a bar agreement on him

And I'll direct the court to the statement of cause against me and in that statement

So I'm going to charge the assistant director of the DPS

There is no director, he's retired

But there is an assistant director

And the judge directs me to give the documents to the prosecuting attorney

Where a complaint is directed to a Justice of the Peace

Any time the prosecutor speaks to me, then I ask the judge to direct the prosecutor

Or instruct the prosecutor to direct his comments to the court

Direct the court to 17.05 Code of Criminal Procedure

you look at the representatives directly in the face you stare at them let them know that you're there that you're paying attention

and the committee was crying after one of the checkpoints that lost their child I think it would have been a step in the wrong direction

do you think that the committee was swayed in either direction strongly

a blanket warrant to force the taking of blood, they're going to arrest you, take you directly to the hospital

What this is saying is it is speaking directly to the acts of a public servant against someone else,

You can't apply to it directly.

briefed on the interrogation tactics. The memo issued by the Director of National Intelligence

So right there you have a direct tie in dealing with certificates of title back to the commerce code because 501.00 is the certificate of title act in the transportation code.

But 501.005 gives you the direct link to the UCC code for Texas, and that direct link leads you right down the yellow brick road of what a certificate of title is, which is also utilized to determine what the term goods is as it ties into the certificate of title as to what it represents.

This is going to be great if that one pans out because the way we get the judge to apply the law is to go directly after the judge himself and make him personally liable, personally responsible.

and we don't see a direct correlation between them drinking fluorinated water

I mean, we would have to prove a direct correlation.

there was a direct correlation to some health issue or some death

unless you're the type of criminal stupid enough to be committing the crime directly in front of them at the moment.

that statutory law does not apply to the people directly

are specifically directed toward the governance of public officials and public affairs.

And for those that missed it, I believe I have successfully tied the Texas Business and Commerce Code, the UCC, directly into vehicle registration in Chapter 501 of the Transportation Code.

Most direct one. Objection assumes facts, not an evidence.

The last I heard wasn't direct.

It was indirect, but the court has thrown out all his pleadings.

allow students to borrow direct from the government.

allow students to borrow direct from the government and cannot be discharged by inner bankruptcy.

They'll come at us from another direction.

They won't come and fight us directly.

Since they can't go directly after the guns

But they won't take it on directly

The director of a forgery gang was arrested in Basra.

dollar price tag on it out there I mean everybody's in dire straits so if if anything's going

then you may need to look at which direction you need to head first yeah this is all about strategy yeah

That's true, but technically they're not going to be able to hold anything against him if he didn't mention the case directly.

directly from the prosecutor.

because it doesn't make sense in direct order.

Get the police officer who does the arrest to take that person directly to the nearest magistrate.

Was it directed at the teacher?

It's because everybody has their own direction.

He has violated due process procedure by testifying from the bench and speaking to the evidence directly from the bench

You know, I really like people who follow directions. In order to create really good elements for appeal,

Initially, the lady took it in, filed stamped it, and filed stamped all my copies, and then directed me to go across the hall to the Civil Department.

So have we given you a good direction of where to take this from here?

And one thing for certain, if you attack the girls directly,

allow students to borrow direct from the government.

allow students to borrow direct from the government and cannot be discharged by inner bankruptcy.

allow students to borrow direct from the government and cannot be discharged by inner bankruptcy.

allow students to borrow direct from the government and cannot be discharged by inner bankruptcy.

allow students to borrow direct from the government and cannot be discharged by inner bankruptcy.

allow students to borrow direct from the government and cannot be discharged by inner bankruptcy.

Well, see, also the other thing is we can also go at this very directly

Okay. Here's what I suggest, and this is the direction that I've mostly been

symbolic though. And it definitely is a step in the right direction, but not every, and

it's largely symbolic and it is a step in the right direction, but don't think like

financial penalty in 2007, Corpus Christi, Texas, a man got a visit from the FCC direction

a visit from the FCC direction finders after rebroadcasting an AM radio station through

Administrative search powers are not rare, at least as directed against businesses. Fire

They only have one enumerated power that allows them to directly touch the people, and that's the Commerce Clause.

Yeah, I'm sure it carries a lot of weight, but to find a statute that goes to it directly, I'm going to go to Alexis and see what I can do.

and the purchaser is going to sign directly responsible to us, not just you,

I said, no, we don't. They're saying, well, we don't have it directly. We have to imply it.

And I wanted to direct your attention again, once again, to the hour of the times

And he either way told me that I had to do it and I said I would do so under direct

That's a direct contradiction to that Supreme Court decision.

that when they arrest people, they take them directly to a magistrate instead of booking them

but rather to take them directly to a magistrate first.

But there is a major issue, Ben, about the magistrate, taking people directly to magistrate.

And the way we keep this from happening, you arrest the person, take him directly to the magistrate,

the criminal procedure code where police are supposed to take people directly to a magistrate not for a trial,

you are to take him directly to the nearest magistrate by the most direct route.

I want the sheriff or the chief of police to direct his officers, if you arrest someone, you do what 14.06 says.

Well, yeah, but I know, but I mean, you could probably directly... I bet if we all got

That said, basically I directed a friend of mine that was there that had a permit to have

I would direct any law enforcement officials who may be listening right now to research

situations, inhibiting a police officer, you can sneeze in the wrong direction and a police

Traffic control signal means a manual electric or mechanical device that alternately directs

If I could get the powers that be to direct the policeman to take the person directly

taking him directly to the magistrate and not one had an objection.

mind if he has to bring people directly to a magistrate upon arrest but it's cumbersome,

lined it out and they do not directly translate.

but I suspect that this case I'm about to bring, when I charged the director of the

department of his, the major, I never did get to the assistant director, I'll just go

Well we hope and pray society will head in that direction.

to head in that direction too okay, so I believe that we can guide the situation, it's not

if they're trained to go that direction then we're in for big problems and we've got to

specific point because it goes directly to something I wanted to talk about

wanted to hear what Randy's direction would be on what to file next okay now

direct also if I couldn't have a roundabout way I did but Randy could he

fairly enough I maybe I'll maybe take you up on that direct directness when

in jail and brought him before a magistrate or if they took him directly to a magistrate.

and we are directly listed, the Medicaid fraud units are directly listed as having an exception.

or where they're supposed to go and they just start aimlessly going off in a direction

but it's like if they have a direction,

Well, that seems to me that's in direct conflict with Miranda that the moment I open my mouth,

It only allows the officer to be able to release you rather than take you directly to the nearest magistrate.

You see, if he arrested you, he was required by 14.06 to take you directly to the nearest magistrate and explain himself.

Then you can go directly for the judge himself. But in this case, he ordered him to do something, and giving the judge his last name would have caused no harm.

In the last two years, Murta has directed $78 million in earmarks to clients of PMA.

a few Texas Rangers, a few Feds, and we got an FBI guy as the director

and it is already heading that direction if not almost already here,

I don't want to talk at you, directly to you.

And had this individual not known me and talked to me directly about this,

that would have a direct and like whether or not the guy was drunk and things of this nature,

Do you still have the directions I sent you?

You still have the directions I sent you how to load it?

Yeah. Yeah. Here in my town, I'm sending my notice of tort against the city directly to the mayor's house.

under the assigned number or director of the accordance to the sub-chapter.

And now we have to capture that energy and that momentum and direct it in a positive


We are here with Joanna Scott, Executive Director of the Parents Guidance Center, doing

They get in office, and all of a sudden they've got stuff coming at them from every direction.

But there's some more really very direct ways of going after this very issue.

We have got for a very special guest tonight Joanna Scott, Executive Director of the Parent

We're here with Joanna Scott, Executive Director of the Parent Guidance Center.

of law radio, we're here with Joanna Scott, executive director of the Parents Guidance

And if you can't, sometimes it's easier to get at them indirectly.

You might want her to direct her to my show and let me know when she's likely to be listening.

He is not doing so at the direction of the commercial entity for whom he works.

At this point, he is not engaged in commerce because he is not under the directive of the commercial entity

And that actually is kind of the direction I was leaning.

That's kind of the direction I was leaning,

It puts a compulsion on the director of whatever agency he works for.

The backlog has become so dire that veterans now wait an average of six months to receive

General, the Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety incorporates, by reference,

and we look at what it says, when a property carrying commercial motor vehicle driver at the direction of the motor carrier is traveling

And then right below that, when a passenger carrying commercial motor vehicle driver at the direction of the motor carrier is

Well, what I'm getting at, if there are no, has the state crafted their definition so that there's no direct conflict with federal definitions?

And we can go on with whatever else you all would like to talk about tonight, but I just wanted to make sure that everybody was aware that the Federal Code does add directives to our Transportation Code

number of international troops directly. In many cases, the explosives are used in ambushes.

But again that age limit if you retake it in its direct terminology does not apply to an actual man or woman

You can download it directly from there.


that they're just not in the right and that theology though that slants that direction

I have no direct knowledge of it,

However, he did offer several very good suggestions on how to circumvent the local officials' attempts to bar me from making a presentment directly to the grand jury.

He goes, no, you're not going back in. You can go. More of a direct, you're not doing anything.

We just all need to move in the same direction and I very much agree with your presentation.

We have an incredible storm here coming, headed directly for Austin.

The one part was on driver's license and this was the director of, if I can find it real quick,

Eight lanes of traffic in both directions.

I'm sorry, four lanes in both directions.

ZIM is Linda Latowski, who is the executive director, and ZIM was Gary Wilkerson, who was the general manager.

That's the way they executed and envisioned Central Texas, which is the planning group that we have here in Central Texas, which actually was directly called for in Agenda 21, the 1993 document.

Indigenous leaders say several decrees directly threaten indigenous territories and rights.

Do you think that the feds have any business directing and controlling the training programs

I think we certainly saw some clear direction historically saying that that was inappropriate.

director of Americans for Prosperity which among other things was one of the organizations

It turned out that the executive director was in Benzling Fund and I used to know the

is collected directly from the taxpayers, from the customers, I'll put it that way.

Part of the tax is collected directly from the customers.

they're paying it directly through the tax or the cable company pays it and then passes

himself. And in actuality, to address the directness of your question there, no, you

again, we find the little dirty hand in there that this probably doesn't apply to us directly

Part of the people who were saying they didn't know was the law director of the City Hall.

elected official who would be directly accountable to the public, okay, and so city council is

Here's what your municipal court judge just did in direct violation of Texas law.

we're going to compile all those documents, try to get them included in the final report of these meetings. if not, we're going to go directly to the council and say, hey, we went to your meeting and everybody at this meeting decided that, agrees that we should at least consider these other central cuts.

and that it's made by carbon emissions, because that's where all the money is directed to.

The money is directed to the programs that are saying that.

And mailing directly to them

They've recently allowed attorneys to do direct mailing

mail went. And it seemed that the person in the mail room was directed by the US attorney

have open source code, you know, and direct programming at every level? And I'm like,

directly or you are waiving the grant of subject matter jurisdiction. If you try to argue the facts

it is directed at commercial entities, not us.

Solutions is working under the direct supervision of the law enforcement agency, that they are

that that falls under. So, that doesn't fly. Direct supervision by a law enforcement agency

to, we're going to have a hard time getting traction directly there. However, because this

the government or the city council or the county board of directors or whatever it is,

go to to order Tim Turner's DVDs and please do that you can also go directly

more or less the price that we pay for one of these tickets even if we do a defensive driving it's a waste of time you know I mean I'd rather send it to you you guys direct me as to what to do to get this truck because basically it was a it was a

barriers without posted sign which were open I drove through them and some cop ran up to me and said you crossed that barrier I said I need to know posted site and I knew if I argued it's going to turn out to me so I said just okay give me the ticket so I figured let me call you guys and then how can you direct me using the Texas transportation code and have to deal with this

All process issuing at a municipal court shall be served or shall be served when directed by the court,

Well, there's another thing about that particular section too in the wording there, Randy, and it's when directed by the court.

The court does not have to direct the delivery by an enforcement officer.

But if that enforcement officer, when directed by the court, fails to do it, there's a problem.

and they all seem to agree that it refers to when it is directed by the court

They still have to have an examining trial, and they've never had one, and the court never directed the guy to do it, so they're stuck.

So he can challenge the jurisdiction to the JP directly, and he can also be filing in the district court at the same time or previously, five minutes earlier, a restraining order against the hearing also.

John Stanton, Director of CPB, Office of Air and Marine and State, Provincial and Local Law Enforcement Agencies were quick to take up the offer of added surveillance of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River

No that's not probable cause in and of itself. That's probable cause to believe that you were exerting yourself. There have to be other things like someone on the other end of the terminal just got shot and somebody matching your description ran in the direction that they find you.

it reads internally and takes you directly to that fund number.

Okay, and that's why I think that these people are going in this direction.

And the fact that I'm a journalist goes directly to First Amendment.

They did a direct indictment, which is what they do in South Carolina,

And they did a direct indictment, and I haven't had an arraignment yet.

They did a direct indictment.

I can't just direct you to him unless I've asked his permission first.

and didn't tell her the full direction or the full story or anything.

Okay, wait. Now I cannot get there through speculation. I have to get there directly through law.

I like this guy in Waco. He was tall. He was an older guy. And I told him about 1730, directing the magistrate to seal all the documents in an envelope, put his name across the seal of the envelope, send it to the clerk of the court.

When you file a motion, nothing happens unless you either petition the court directly

In Pennsylvania, you don't have direct access to a grand jury.

The clerk assigns it a cause number and gives it back to you or takes it directly to a judge himself.

and just go for the director of the facility as Respondent Superior

and the tort letter will be addressed to the director of the facility

Yes, and this will give you time to formulate more directed questions.

And when he gets these coming at him from every direction, now you've got his attention.

I'm not going after the officer directly at this point, but I'll get to him.

Well, you're talking about going directly after the judge.

warrant, 14.06 commands the officer to take him directly to the nearest magistrate.

out and jerk me up and take me directly to this magistrate.

Often we can do this by misdirection.

And, you know, he has no access to direct avenues of communication.

Once you are arrested, 1406 commands the officer to take you directly to the nearest magistrate, reason being a police officer is authorized to arrest someone, but he's not authorized to imprison.

A person whose interest will be directly affected by the relief sought is a real party in interest

know, send it to every facility they got and direct it to be given to him so he can sign

it from the person it's directed to.

Okay. So, that goes directly to federal.

The banks of the river direct flow.

In court, the bench directs the flow of the currency.

and he directs the flow of the currency, you're in maritime law.

And the bank is directing the flow of that currency.

I watched a video of a policeman running down the highway and a car is on the opposite side running in the opposite direction against traffic at 90 miles an hour.

And as you may know, Eddie knows I've had some 23 years' experience as a finance director

the finance director for 23 years, yeah, when Gary, when Gary described that purchase order

it as an agent for the director of the dealership's corporation, when he signed the next document

on the front or the back of that document that he signed it as an agent or of the director

certificates of origin, and they just take them directly, and they won't give them to

says on or before, and clearly it directs you to appear before some magistrate, that's

And that's because the police officer who did the arrest was required to take you directly

to the nearest magistrate, 14.06. Since he didn't take you directly to the nearest magistrate,

codes there have to tell them to do that. That's 16.20 Code of Criminal Procedure directs

They just directed the mortgage companies to cut these folks some deals. Well, actually

What she's directed to do instead is prepare a capious warrant for the person's arrest.

Listen, callers, we're going to go directly to your calls on the other side.

There's a more direct way.

thereof, whereas I went directly federal.

Brigadier General Colleen McGuire, director of the Army Suicide Prevention Task Force

In law in Texas, nothing directs a criminal complaint to anyone except a magistrate.

Everything directs it to the magistrate.

What we can find that shows where a pleading can draw directly into maritime is if the jurisdictional statement within the pleading itself references 28 USC 1333 or 1337.

CIA Director Leon Panetta's revelation of a secret program the CIA kept hidden from

None of that speaks directly to maritime.

9 4 4 1 pound and you can also get it direct off the internet at the real

direct interpretation because kill would mean that God could never have sent men

and we're engaging our our government directly and so my my question is is if

have a directory of member and non-member jurisdictions and such well

they have in any given direction at the moment they're running around just as

to trial I went to the court the courtroom was closed and they directed

the impression I got because they are joking between he was directing with the

So whoever the recipient was, was contacted directly.

and of course, that attaches directly to the status records,

Directly into that case with the clerk of the court and then notice the judge and then notice all the gun agencies associated.

If you will send those documents to me, I'll post them on jurisprudence in the C directory.

Well, you would notice the judge separately and directly, obviously,

you still have to direct them to where it's at.

Brigadier General Colleen McGuire, director of the Army's Suicide Prevention Task Force

direction and then if I do find myself in one, how legally to extricate.

I mean, you can send your revocation of power of attorney to them directly without filing

Okay. Nothing directs anyone to present a complaint to a police officer or a prosecuting

attorney. But then there's nothing that says you can't. So you can. And everybody is directed

like that. That's what I like about you, Randy. You think about all the directions. Let me

where the property is and they can give you some direction. County clerk in Texas? Yes.

In El Paso? Yeah, they can give you directions. They can give me directions. Okay. Yeah, because

He's traveling in the opposite direction.

And he was moving in the opposite direction.

You know, I start reading in the traffic code, and of course, they can't pop you while you're moving in the opposite direction while they're moving in the opposite – you know.

But I don't raise that so much directly as indirectly

All you have to do is look at what the federal directives are on the display of the American flag.

You can appeal directly with no reason.

direct this to Eddie real quick.

I don't know if it points us in the direction that we want to go to find the answer to that question,

Otherwise, they won't have a direction.

You have to give them focus and direction.

and we have to direct the curriculum, because they're just going to do whatever they're being trained to do.

I apologize for it because this came directly from Lexus.

you can pull up and do a direct text search on Title 49 and do a search for the word traveling

I have no say so over how you utilize your private property unless that use is directed

So it was clearly directed at public officials.

If he directed the clerk to send it back to you, then file against the clerk,

directing the clerk to file your pleadings and directing the judge to hear the pleadings.

Pass or passing, use the reference to a vehicle means to overtake and proceed, pass, other vehicle, moving in the same direction as the passing vehicle or to attempt to maneuver.

Then when it came back the other direction, pulled me over for that.

An operator, okay, unless otherwise directed.

Four-lane, but two in the direction I was going.

And let's see, an operator, unless otherwise directed, it doesn't address the type of vehicle at all.

start putting the traffic seminar stuff together, I can access that and get to it directly.

Karen Musalo, director of the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies at the University of California,

And whoever the director of the agency is

The director of an agency be it a police department, sheriff's department

The director of the agency is designated the custodian of the record

So you send it to the director of the agency

Sometimes the director will designate someone the custodian

And just anybody in the agency is good enough because they're directed to forward it to the director

Court, she was directly confronted regarding the right to self-defense, okay?

Van Alstyn told that the issue has not come directly before the

He wanted to know directly.

directs the magistrate to make the warrant available for public inspection

It directs the magistrate to make it available.

It has to be where the law directs it to be.

I want to go directly to the judge and say that, you know,

ourselves at the work in the trial of a cause and at the close of the direct examination

and give them absolutely no direction at all concerning what they should be doing.

circumstances indirectly associated with his main narrative.

and asked the judge to direct them not to do so as I had invoked the witnesses.

I asked for a direct verdict from the judge, and I was refused.

government from affecting the people directly.

Do you have any more questions concerning your case so we can go more directly to what you're involved in?

And that's what the case law is for. There are always circumstances that aren't directly addressed in a statute that is deliberately general in its nature.

You send a complaint accusing the U.S. attorney of opening mail directed to the Foreman of

He must show that he has standing either by direct testimony from the principal or a contract

If in their answer it doesn't go directly to the issue that you presented to them

things where, you know, you're trying to interact directly with whatever government

if they have to go directly to a magistrate, this stuff will just go away.

So Eddie, you know, you directed me to go to look up the civil code.

at your wife and trying to punish her, he will tend to trust you and lean in your direction

and we passed another pontoon going in the opposite direction and we waved like we do

And then they give us a direct order that we would load by the book. The reason being anything goes wrong, we're the guy on the bottom.

even though the law directs all arresting officers to bring an arrested person directly

that they're not directly responsible for this tax, that they will stop paying the tax.

And one of the solutions I want to point people in the direction concerning is NYC CAN.

It's worthless as president because it doesn't directly address the issue.

as far as I know, directly towards your birth certificate bond, which is basically your

and you receive income on the investment that's not the direct result of your labor. Am I right

And yes, there's a lot of big money out there pushing in one direction, but there is a tremendous

amount of people with small money pushing in the other direction. And the tremendous

that toolbar that AVG installs as an add-on. That's what's doing that redirect, not Firefox.

does a search for this or directs to this site, Google probably went to this list to

money's created as a checkbooking entry and it goes directly from the bank to the seller.

Every time I ask a direct question, the answer is, oh, it's all fraud.

It was a direct result of the Panic of 1894.

Yeah, we're kind of looking in that direction, aren't we, Charla?

Yeah, we can, but there's something a lot easier to adjudicate, a lot more direct and

So a lot of times what will happen is people can go in and oppose the lender directly.

So you can actually write your criminal complaint up and take it directly to them to show that this guy is abusing his authority.

You can go directly to the grand jury.

General, the Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety incorporates by reference the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, Title 49, Code of Federal Regulation,

But right here we can see that everything that the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety does is governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Title 49.

to Chapter 644. Therefore, he's operated of his own free will in direct violation of his duties

Director means the director of the department or his designee. 28 CFR means 28 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 23.1 at secular as promulgated by the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs.

So, right there, they have blockade. I have a comment on that. Go ahead. I once called Tommy Davis, Director of the Department of Public Safety, and I told him, Colonel Davis, I was just talking to a Captain Hilton in Lubbock, and he tells me that a Texas Ranger cannot take a criminal complaint against a public official without your express permission.

Yeah, and that is actually here. This is actually in Rule 5.2, sub-item C, no officer or member may investigate a public official without proper authorization of the director, the assistant director, or another individual expressly acting in the stead of the director.

Since he violated a very clear directive and directive in the form of a statute directing him to do a certain thing,

That's a direct constitutional violation.

Was that in the capacity of direct examination?

And he directed the witness to answer.

Okay, I know there's this need humans have to confront their adversary directly.

And then they must take you directly to the nearest magistrate

no more control over the grand jury or no direct control over what they do.

Frankly, so if you want to get directly to a grand jury, just send them a certified letter

So that means the only license the Department of Transportation by law can issue directly

And then you can take it and then you just go directly to the district court.

Right. These kinds of things need to be taken up in front of grand juries directly,

I ask for an order directing the county judge and the county prosecutor

so I'm not going to be someone that can really give you a lot of direction other than I know it.

either the bank itself is a direct corresponding bank to the Federal Reserve,

and Frost Bank has a direct account with the Federal Reserve.

or directly out in the form of a check to somebody that's a bond holder.

is that they were going to force people indirectly to put their money back into the banks and create this confidence.

Well, unless you want to spend the next few weeks cringing every time you see a cop headed in your direction,

but having direct deposit, which just went into the bank account,

She, however, directly contradicted my thoughts and exactly what you said,

when directed to do so by the governing body of the taxing unit

They go right directly to the discount window at their bank and make the deposit.

Look who appoints their boards of directors.

The board of directors are from a list of people.

It's not a direct competitor to you guys.

of the economy will be tied directly to some government bureaucrat if this stuff goes through,

And I further direct you and will you to compensate me for x number of dollars in redemption for my

What does a sovereign do a king? He never directed anybody to do anything. He never ordered anybody doing he said it is my will

but i'm i'm wondering if if those are directions to take versus

So you have to go through these certain channels and then they're going to redirect her this way and then if she says well

You're a voir dire.

That comes directly from the Communist Manifesto and from each according to his ability to each according to his need.

That they actually had something by their own admission that could manipulate and change the market's direction

By directly monetizing our debt, they're doing it the David Copperfield way.

and directly ripped off from the American public.

Give me your phone number and I'll call you also and get with you direct.

when the pendulum begins to, again, swing right back in the direction it just came from

We have to do things that move our better cause in the right direction

But there is no liability of a middleman for doing a direct trade between two parties, at least this week

I didn't mean to like, you know, change direction midstream here,

Now I want to consider myself more of like the, you know, director.

or I was talking to a director of one of the largest exchanges in the world.

And this now, you know, he was a director, which is like a high-level minion, okay?

And this director, he now talks to me about his monthly gold

to the programming directors of the stations, of licensed FCC stations.

What happens when all these algorithms all point in the same direction at the same time?

If the guest can't answer this, he can just tell me so and redirect me where to go.

But now what can be done without involving the court directly is to have the one sign over power of attorney for all matters to the other.

Well, he stopped at the gate and told the guy asking for directions, told him he was lost.

And the guy gave him directions.

I don't think it's going to be quite so open and direct as the chip.

He kept on basically insinuating and saying directly that, from what I heard from him,

Then along with the, then with the governor, the governor has direct supervisory authority

The last thing I asked in the prayer is I asked for an order directing the county judge and county attorney to go out behind the courthouse, shoot themselves, and when they meet in hell, explain to each other how stupid all this was.

Not taking me directly to a magistrate is not constitutional.

But not being taken directly to the magistrate doesn't.

In conducting harmless error analysis of constitutional violations in direct appeal on habeas corpus cases,

disruptive behavior during voir dire.

Though Ken will get me for pronouncing voir dire wrong, it's voir dire.

California does not extend to direct appeal stage of criminal case.

That's why 14.06 commands the officer to take you directly to the nearest magistrate

When they can't get a response back directly, drives them crazy.

to begin with, since it came up directly in the sheriff's possession,

Well, and we have Homeland Security right in our town, directly to that office.

If I get more of these kind of calls, I'm going to take him to the director.

Has the law firm produced direct evidence that it is representing the debtor or is it

You don't have to cross, you can directly examine them.

Yes, or you can examine them directly without having to recall.

He's a host on this network and he got elected executive director.

where those people, the constitutions both state directly that in all criminal prosecutions,

And I'm relatively certain his client directed him into how he was to approach this issue.

But then again, the attorney is most often in a case like this following the direction of the client.

Take directly to a magistrate, because they get time to sit down one with the other and carefully calculate how to structure their testimony so that it protects them from any wrongdoing they may perpetrate.

If they were to take you directly to the nearest magistrate and explain himself, he wouldn't have time to concoct an effective testimony.

Let me read you the quote directly from the Asian news June 18th

Now, I've heard and read a couple of different opinions and directions that this story could have taken

But there was no follow-up, there was no evidence giving that linked them directly to Japan

unless it's indirectly tied to a precious metals mining company, either a junior or a major

China has been giving blurbs out to the media, either directly or indirectly, that they are

Now, sometimes that's direct and sometimes it's indirect, but these financial derivatives

They're not doing it because they want more power directly.

So this guy, Ted Gunderson, has got a bunch of interesting information about that and it's all – most of what I can recall about what he said is directly in line with what you guys are talking about.

way up the committee and then into being the director of the CIA. It's astonishing to see

that he even served as director of the CIA.

Exactly. You guys want to take a look at that. But anyway, so the march goes on, I guess, as Howard Harmon-Taylor says, onward through the fog. You've just got to keep focused and try to keep a sense of direction.

and they can actually point you in a direction on that.

Now, see, this is one of those things where we have a direct conflict between our state constitution and the federal constitution when it comes to this.

And he said, fair enough. I can do both of those. I direct my case. He is my employee.

get behind the wheel of a motorized piece of equipment and directs it down a street or highway.

question comes out as a statement of fact, which is not a direct question.

The ones in Florida, there were a great number of those, and they were essentially on the same issues where there was no contract or no direct evidence of contract and clear indications of improprieties in the paperwork.

they lose half of their earnings on taxes directly and indirectly at all levels,

That Deborah was directing on the 9-11 thing

Because I'd have had to have eyes in the back of my head to see it if it had come from that direction

Since 2007, George Bush signed PDD 51, a directive that allows the president to take total control

Let's go directly to the roots of Economics 101.

that should be becoming familiar to us beyond all the hype and misdirection?

yeah yes this complaint will go to his chief or his other sheriff or whoever his direct supervisor is and this will absolutely count whether they investigated or not makes no difference it's it's counted against his record yeah and that's the main reason to file it in my opinion

She's not talking about him directly seeing the crime. She's talking about him either seeing the crime or specific evidence pointing to the probable cause to believe there is a crime.

I hereby agree and direct that whatever fine that may be imposed may be deducted from the amount deposited.

In 2007, George Bush signed PDD 51, a directive that allows the President to take

and a bigot whose legacy is mass murder the site stated darwin's half-baked theory directly

in the right direction how old is the ticket well it's one of these that they have to appear on or

uh and it speaks directly to that issue and it also speaks directly to the issue of the required

no all complaints in law are directed to some magistrate and you are that magistrate and i'm

night off tonight we're gonna struggle through without our uh board op uh producer director

well it stands out they remember when they start getting hammered from every direction especially

grounds because it is a direct violation of specific requirements within the constitution

that a person arrested with a warrant be taken directly to the nearest magistrate 15 17 directs

the person arrested on a warrant to take the person directly to the person to the magistrate

you directly to jail and those are in times of extreme emergency it one of the primary cases was

the officer should have to bring you directly to a magistrate he didn't see the great importance

Right when you walk out of the store, there's a directory sign that's right in front of your face,

vaccination, and I think that people should be directed to Dr. Mercola,

So it's hard to move them unless you go after them directly, or just asking for records will seldom do it.

Five current and former directors of Bank of America have been subpoenaed by New York

you just direct certain entities to send certain mail to the PO box and other entities to send

the post office will just direct everything to the post office box no matter how it's

entities are directed to, you know, I give them my residence address.

They copied back and forth both directions to show the employer out there that the authority of the continuous levy is from the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997.

And especially here in Texas and in Florida, there's nothing to stop you from going directly to a grand jury.

and whether that statute is you know directly on you imposing a tax on you or whether it's a treaty.

So your state income taxes are directly derived from the amount of taxes paid on the federal income tax.

So they had to get those laws passed both directions so that they could tax each other's employees.

We just redirect it through less levels of bureaucracy.

it specifically directs the IRS agent to obey all law in the collection of the taxes.

right direction with it.

Blackwater, now known as ZI, was directly involved in the assassinations of former Pakistani

the past chairman of the board of directors of the Texas Telephone Association, and has

been a director of that organization for over 20 years, all right, so he's involved in the

telephone industry, served on the board of directors of the Texas Statewide Telephone

telecommunications technologies, most recently at TeleGENT, where he was director of engineering,

he worked for Pacific Mobile, okay, so now we've got Gene Crick, executive director,

telecommunity resource center, he's the executive director of the Metropolitan Austin Interactive

project, okay, statewide telehealth network funded by the FCC for $14 million, and director

to join these lobbying organizations, so there's not just the direct lobbying, there's also

for the FCC CAC Working Group on Rural and Underserved Populations, Director of Development

so everybody can read about these people. Okay, director technology policy offer of

Okay, as director of technology policy, wide responsibility for addressing key public policy

for Dell's technology direction investment in areas of security and client virtualization.

he was the guy that was talking about how the direction they're going to take in the

everything's going to be wireless. You know, computers will talk directly to each other

associate professor, Department of Electrical Engineering. Okay, he is the director of wireless

Don Shaver that I've only got like 123 more four more. Okay, Don Shaver, director communications

development R&D organizations. Okay, he Okay, let's see. Director of TI's communications

David Walter, executive director radio technology, AT&T architecture and planning, executive

director of the radio technology group at AT&T labs. All right, so directs a team for

up against. Okay, got two more here Bart bone Bo HN, executive director of the Austin Wireless

Alliance, this is a lobbying group, executive director responsible for identifying promising

partnerships. Okay, last one, Dan cooler, CUELAR, executive director and co founder of the Texas

note into directly into the internet to bypass the ISPs and stuff. That was one website that

That's a direction that I'm looking to take with the FCC in showing that they only have

of the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Jerry Speyer,

tapped right directly into the internet.

directly into the internet through your DNS server, get a different name server too.

So this is, this is for a community, for a neighborhood to be able to basically tap directly

And, see, our questions weren't directed at the panelists of people that were representing

We were directing our questions at her.

Okay, I will, I know now, I know how to tap into the internet directly.

They're not going to be able to stop us from setting up our own access points directly

was a man from Dell, he's with their technology policy director.

they're not going directly to the highest court.

Yeah, yeah, the public funding thing and the public officer seems to be like that is highly likely to be directly related

to exert official authority rather than acts in accordance with direction,

going directly to the highest court.

like that is highly likely to be directly related, because how could it be a

to exert official authority rather than acts in accordance with direction,

Obama said, �I am concerned that if the direction of the news is all blogosphere,

disillusion in the direction of the government�s strategy.

Obama said the Iranian nuclear program represents a direct challenge to the basic foundation of the non-proliferation regime

I'm sorry, the principal would have to testify either by direct affidavit or direct testimony

But he can claim that he had no direct knowledge, now he can go back and should be able to start again, start at the beginning

You would do that by contacting him and writing directly, maybe registered mail, sending it to the court in his name, asking for a financial statement?

He was an attorney directly for the credit card company

He represented the credit card company directly

So you're saying if he is not an attorney hired directly by the credit card company

So even if he is contracted directly to the credit card company he's still a third party debt collector

Obama said, I'm concerned that if the direction of the news is all blogosphere, you will end

disillusion in the direction of the government's strategy.

My concern here is that even though what your concern is is that you're not directly responsible

That's somebody that's working directly with them.

Oh, they're working directly with them, as Jess said earlier.

�That would be damages though.� �That would equate to damages.� �Direct damage.�

is involved in an act that is a direct violation of a self-enacting clause of the Constitution

to be, but� And it has to be directly associated with

But that would be directly associated with the vehicle though?

Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says H1N1 is spreading widely throughout the US.

which I'll leave that out, you're supposed to go directly to a judge and they're supposed to set bond.

He does try to hand the judge a motion directly, which the statutes in the state in question say you cannot do.

I mean, you know, the arresting officer didn't take him directly to the judge that issued the warrant.

You know, we might be moving in the wrong direction.

Take me directly to the nearest magistrate.

If there's something they need to know, try to let them know by directing,

I'm sorry, Randy. The notice of demand goes directly to the court of my court or the district of my court?

I will talk to Jeff about it and find out how to get to him directly, Jeff knows.

At least my attorney will move in that direction in the judge.

And even then, he's required to be taken directly to the magistrate who issued the warrant.

There was no warrant issued. I was taken directly to jail. I was held in jail for 24 hours and then released without charge.

under 16.17, the magistrate is ordered, is directed to prepare an order stating whether the person was released at their liberty,

take me directly to the nearest magistrate, then shut up.

If he asks you questions, your answer is take me directly to the nearest

Take me directly to the nearest magistrate.

direct questions.

then you just move directly against the creditor itself.

employed in a number of different directions yeah in the meantime yeah go

mainly directed at the debt collectors there's different ways of handling the

Mohammed El-Boradi, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency,

he stinks. That's just direct, straight up personal opinion on the subject. Nancy

directed, then there's no way to go after him in that regard.

under Bush that Obama had awareness of and direct knowledge of were torture,

All we would have to do is just, you know, pull the direct quotes from him

office has filed a motion to dismiss the case arguing that Reynolds has not been directly

A well as I understand there there's no indication there's no direct indication that swine flu

There may be important facts that's in her mind that she hasn't paid direct conscious attention to.

If they know very full well that they are using in a statute in a manner other than the way it applies and it is written, they are in direct violation of their duty under the law because they are withholding information that would prove your innocence.

and you have no power directly to pull that person from that other state and deal with him under your state law because they're in another state.

So, you know, basically instead of attacking the issue directly,

You don't have the authority to tell me directly.

they basically came up with some direction that they wanted to take because at that time

I was thinking more of like a directory, not a forum, but a directory of people in different areas with email addresses

I need somebody to set up, like you're saying, a directory list of networking people who listen,

Maybe you could be in charge of the rule of law radio directory.

It would be difficult to do what I'd like to do as far as with a directory.

Once you get the North Carolina case, you can put the North Carolina case in directly and it will pull that case up for you.

Direct questions, the direct questions to be responded to,

Yeah, direct questions, okay.

You know, you've got the people who would want to use the bypass or need to use the bypass because they need to head that direction or whatever.

because the witness profits from your conviction directly.

Hirohoto was directed by the warlords to make war on the

But something that looks like it can, if they keep going in the direction they're going,

either directly in the path of the toll roads or directly in the path of eminent domain

or directly in the path of financial devastation because of restrictive practices.

to give you the direct number for the attorney.

then we go after them directly.

But if the people they're advising have been ordered to take their advice as directives,

We talked about some of it before, about how they have to take you directly to a magistrate and all these things.

You know, the magistrate is required to submit the documents of the examining trial directly to the clerk of the court,

It didn't bring them directly to a judge the whole nine yards.

If you are arrested, first thing you say, take me directly to the nearest magistrate.

If they ask you a question, your answer is, take me directly to the nearest magistrate.

And I asked him directions and gave him a quarter.

And I was on the phone asking directions and I told him I might be a little late.

I wonder if maybe somebody might be able to direct me in a right direction.

He went directly to my employer.

So he went directly to my boss.

he's the executive director of that political action committee, and huge public hearings,

He gets them directly from the magistrate, which of course is a felony tampering with

Does he need to try to go to the grand jury directly at this point?

Grand jury directly.

to take you directly to the nearest magistrate.

where I don't have to take you directly to a magistrate.

in order for us to take arrested people directly to them

and the research repository should just directly go to Randy's

You can sue him directly.

You can file criminal charges against him directly for doing that.

or that they work directly for the company that is attempting to sue for the debt.

They directly represent us, or these guys have no standing to sue.

that involve him directly. As far as what's out there that the rest of the

direct information related to it.

are directly involved in. Okay.

Yes, sue him directly, malpractice

You also need to file charges against him directly for collusion

If anything didn't go right with any of my cases, it's only because I didn't follow the directions given

And I'm doing it in the opposite direction of a motor vehicle and I know I need to get my definitions

522 is directed specifically at the commercial driver's license.

to the extent that direct reading does not produce a desired result.

Now, if you read that directly, this is the way that I came up with that was meant to apply,

that any state passes that directly affects the people,

Any law that directly affects the people.

If it's written and directed at the people,

As a principal, you won't find them directly in the court record.

Instead of going after the system so directly, we make noise about that.

She is the Bureau of Driver Licensing Director that has her electronic signature on it.

tried to find some case law, I couldn't find a case law, but I did find the direct statute.

And then you can go after them directly for impersonating a public servant.

of comments I've gotten today, you know, there's been no one commented directly on the article

make his payment, his rearage payment, directly to the clerk of the court, I believe it's

because he secreted a document from the agency or person it was directed to

code are directly dealt with in the administrative code as a delegated powers for our state troopers

Whether directly with the, let's say it's a traffic stop.

what the lie is. And I, uh, quickly went directly into detail over, uh, the administrative code

to do to get around this is I am going to mail one directly to the Austin chief of police

it to them directly. I didn't, uh, they didn't want me to open the book. I just quoted it

code that the department of public safety is the agency that has direct beginning, highest

means the department of public safety of the state of Texas. Director means the public

safety director. Now when it comes to the drawing of blood for the DNA database system

to do this under the DNA samples. Remember I gave you the definition of director, the

public, the director of public safety. Okay. That's who the director is for this program.

punishable by prison because you caused a direct harm, which is actionable from both

Peter Pronovost, director of critical care medicine at Johns Hopkins said

We function on two levels, one of them is directly conscious and one of them is not

I wanted to go directly to law enforcement officials

So they really needed a conviction here and they made all of these dire threats, but you

their arms they're going to propose dire threats to these horrible things they'll do to you.

Which directly exempted the people's property from taxation by the federal government

Person includes an individual, corporation, partner, partnership, officer or director of a corporation, joint venture, trust, trustee, agent or association

So that means we're going to have to either look directly in a court's archives to find the case law

It's too simple to direct, like the statute earlier that any ad no ad valorem taxes that

but if he didn't take you directly to the nearest magistrate, now you got grounds for

If he took you somewhere else first and he can't show that there was some dire circumstances

here in Texas, or one that's in direct violation of Title 49, which is the

and you are, as a matter of fact, supposed to be brought directly to a magistrate.

direct the prosecutor to call the dispatcher and have the dispatcher route that officer to this court

Peter Pronovost, director of critical care medicine at Johns Hopkins said, �In a country

And we're moving in that direction where, okay, we're going to go now to Igor from New

And what we do is we, in the small claims action, we also direct the person responding

Director Robert Mueller to Senate Judiciary Committee members' questions.

By naming the person or the people directly

I can't find anything that directly addresses it

I do find case law that requires a citizen who makes a citizen's arrest to take the person directly to the nearest magistrate

But I couldn't find anything that directs a police officer to take custody of a prisoner from a citizen

You can't make a direct arrest on the bond, you can make a challenge to the bond

Yeah they're going to say well there's no money coming out of his pocket so that doesn't directly give him an interest and I'm going to say no wait a minute

And that might be less directly confrontational than Mr. Berglund, Greg does it all to me

Kurt Gilroy, the Pentagon's director of accession, says kids are just not able to do push-ups,

Kurt Gilroy, the Pentagon's director of accession, says kids are just not able to do push-ups,

and they will steer you in the right direction.

They assigned the property directly to my wife by name.

Direct claim with the insurance carrier

Client is not directly implicated in the

Okay. It goes to Chapter 7, Code of Criminal Procedure. I'm sorry, Penal Code. Culpability. All of this goes directly to culpability.

So we're moving ahead in that direction.

Even if he did that, then he was required to take him directly to the nearest magistrate.

when he made the probable cause determination go directly to the clerk and nowhere else.

And the judge can give you a direct order to, and if you refuse to, then he can hold you in contempt, I suppose.

we're asking the court to direct the lower courts to simply follow the law as it's already

in every case, the clerk of the court is directed to prepare a capious warrant for his arrest.

he is to take that person directly to the nearest magistrate and explain himself. When

to take me directly to the nearest magistrate and explain themselves, they would have never

White House Budget Director Peter Orsak said Friday sending 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan would cost an extra $40 billion a year.

Yeah, that's why we a lot of times go to the grand jury directly so that the prosecutor can't get in the way.

Well, yeah, but if you go to the grand jury directly again

Quite frankly, most grand juries will go whatever way the prosecuting attorneys direct them.

and you go so much direction this way and then you go direction that way and so forth, and it's called meets and bounds.

So you go the direction and the distance and then the direction and the distance back to the point of the beginning,

It's by using the contracts and relations and addressing them directly.

all going to directly address

ties the transportation code directly

paper crimper seal so it doesn't actually have anything you can identify directly, I

a way that folks can go on and enter the information from their mortgage directly into the forms

required to take me directly

obviously there he's not directly taking me in.

But they are directly affected by it because then they're not going to be able to get the information they need.

because your show is going to be taken off the air, which means you are directly affected.

their means of living and their vocation is directly affected whether or not they're on

anything from the listeners is these letters, okay, that are basically directed towards

a direct showing of standing because they're being harmed, their business, their vocation

Radio is not directly associated with the micros. However, we are offering our

situation. He has some information on that. He's not directly associated with

do what the incumbent administration directs them to do. So instead of

The pendulum is beginning to swing back in our direction.

Now, myself and another station may be at direct odds on what's right. That's not the point.

38.123 speaks directly to there being money involved.

In terms of whether it's a civil matter or a criminal, like it's been told to you directly?

There are two other previous rulings that directed them to do that and they still don't

Randy has experience with this directly.

to where it uploads the video directly to the Internet

And whoever the officer's direct supervisor is,

or do I go directly to the district attorney?

Whatever situation with attorney, you've got to call the shots and make sure that you direct the case.

You've got to direct the case as a pro se, whether you have an attorney or not.

the proceedings and the Attorney General or his delegate directs that the

and to seek your direction and guidance.

my success at doing what needs to be done as sheriff is going to be directly related

the population on what is happening, how dire is it or how dire is it not, and then what

in that direction.

they can't make any contributions to the politicians directly.

We have politicians that obviously are in bed one way or another either directly with

the banks or directly through Wall Street or both.

bailouts and the misdirected and misguided fiscal policies the endless

Its people are misguided, are wandering lost like a ship without a direction or a compass.

so far before the act of gravity pulls it back to the other direction.

in so many different directions to hit them from so many different angles.

Direct debt monetization.

The leaked emails appear to show that CRU director Professor Phil Jones and colleagues attempted to manipulate figures

No, I'm talking directly into my phone.

You can refuse to sign and demand to be taken directly to a magistrate.

So this is a condition, a situation where you haven't demanded to be taken directly to a magistrate,

Yes, because if you don't appear, then you get taken directly to the magistrate.

say it's a bunch of rules and regulations and directions of how to run a state.

theoretically represented the will of the people, therefore the people indirectly could

these people represented through the wealth that they held themselves directly and also

from the wealth they controlled indirectly through the investment firms, which they represented

from you in direct taxes, not through your income taxes, but through your loss of purchasing

And so it points us right in the direction we must recapture control of Congress.

And those who are concerned about the direction of our country and the future of our children

more I became concerned about the direction of our country.

So Ayesha of Missouri, she's the executive director of the Liberty Restoration Project

failed to conduct the taping as directed.

Do you know? I don't know directly, but I don't think so, because she was not aware of these

of why the Pentagon failed to conduct the taping as directed.

Well, no, because it came directly out of my actual bank account.

and it signed Dane Director of Operations.

Jamil Jaffa, director of the ACLU's National Security Project,

directly and pay without penalty?

because the phone number on the ticket that was supposed to be directing him

Well, since you've already had a trial, the first thing I'd want to do is formulate the way I'm going to voir dire the police officer on the stand.

Actually, I'll send you a link directly to the PDF and get straight to the site.

The contract with the company now called Zee Services was cancelled this year by CIA Director

complete and ready for download and to be purchased directly at Brave New Books as well.

got a law enforcement folder. These folders will contain complaints directed at that particular

that one was working under the direction of another. So that's what we're going to be

that hot and heavy. Now, the motion that Deborah is speaking of directly is dealing with the

motion attacks that directly. The folder either misses a complaint entirely or misses the

Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair says the global economic crisis

in a vast protection racket and indirectly funding the very insurgents

and statutes and municipal codes, but they would probably be better equipped to point you in the direction

in the right direction of where to look to reconcile these issues and how to deal with it.

I actually can't directly sell some of these things, but we're just including them as freebies

the Iraq intercepts at the direction of Defense Secretary Robert Gates and

officer ever get out of your direct line of sight no yeah me I was I was facing

directly to the clerk of the court now but I guess sometimes they don't that's

point one six code of criminal procedure directs the magistrate after a warrant

and 1620 directs him to prepare a warrant if you're arrested without one he

the record for each governmental department or the director of the agency

maybe you have some knowledge you can point me in the right direction

Virtually any alphabet agency directed toward

They're not required to have the license just like the if you look at 521 in a more direct fashion

They can direct traffic on a rural highway

I have a lot of good case law going directly to subject matter, a challenge to subject matter jurisdiction

Now, that's not a crime directly, in this case, you're not, last time I did it, I accused the judge of impersonating a public official

So you can buy it directly from us for $250

Now by the same distinction, 522 does not speak directly to having a motorcycle endorsement

In this state is a direct reference to the corporate entity

that keeps you as a stockholder or an officer from being directly sued

Do I still have a right to do the void dire with the jury trial?

So click on the traffic affidavit and judicial notice link and it will take you directly to the affidavit online itself

The other one, Dennis Carlton, who claims that he is the regional director of the FCC,

goes directly to a constitutional conflict.

I was told directly to my face

You can get it off of the website, but if you want to direct mail it, it is rangerx64 at

I keep one over my visor directly over my head,

we'll deal with it, with the seminar material and going after them directly.

A little bit more when we get back and then we'll start with the cop voir dire.

under the person's control or inside of or directly in route to a motor vehicle that

but the director of the agent who stopped the agency who stopped you because the agent is acting

under the direction of the principal and filed criminally against the principal

well from what I can tell it creates a violation of law in a constitutional sense the law itself that's allowing this now becomes a direct violation of the constitution and is therefore unconstitutional on its face

were the direct cause of the crisis we are in today.

Well, they have the onboard radar, but that's a directional EMF.

And he told them where he wanted to go. They gave him directions.

Be responsible or subject to supervision or direction of an employer agent engaged in the performance of investigative

Who is his supervisor? He's the uh, or uh, alleges to be the regional director of the fcc of the southwest region

because nowhere in law is a complaint directed to a prosecuting attorney.

All complaints are directed to some magistrate.

the financial system, with citizens reclaiming the power to act directly when politicians

No allegations against me, no direct interest other than that I'm the sovereign citizen.

directly from the police officer.

But the first thing I would do is go directly to the officer in question.

In other words, if you don't know who to direct interrogatories to,

wouldn't that discovery be directed at the police department, not at the prosecutor?

how do you direct a motion for discovery to somebody you don't know who it is?

Now, this is not some of the stuff that Randy and I addressed directly today.

you've already gone through jury voir dire in selection, and then they're in the box. They're listening to this.

any probable cause other than a direct order from someone that was not even a superior.

And since the officers admitted that they arrested you because the CIA directed them to,

Once I got into this, I felt like I had so much support and direction.

direction and other people who have been in federal court have been on these phone calls

or respond directly to the company.

Well, I had some direction from you for various places to look, and then I got on the internet

So validation directly to Midland through the lawyer or to each of them and the dispute to HBSC?

Yeah, here on the Texas website, you have the option of downloading it in a PDF or a text file directly.

and all rules and regulations therein are under the direct rulemaking authority of the Texas Department of Transportation.

And all rules and regulations therein are under the direct rulemaking authority of the DPS.

Department means the Department of Public Safety acting directly or through its authorized officers and agents.

An officer authorized to direct traffic or arrest persons who violate traffic regulations.

Now, we've already gone through how to voir dire the officer and proved that a driver's license

It makes it very, very clear how you voir dire the officer to lead him right down the path to testify on your behalf,

There's no way for somebody that's unfamiliar with a commonwealth way that's under Spanish law that's never studied it to tell you that directly.

Ask them directly, what year are the laws of this state that all current statutes are based on, what year were they implemented in the legislature?

you have now given the state direct access to steal your money from that bank account,

because the stuff that I've seen even before I met him led me in that direction.

And then move for quarter point counsel, and when you get counsel, you let him know that you're going to bar-grieve him every time he breathes the wrong direction.

Yeah, the county directly. And the county would still have to put something into the record showing that they have made that offer to cover her bond

Then you can go after the county directly and I bet they tell this guy to cram it.

My personal direct line is not available to the public

Then I would go directly to the district clerk and give the district clerk the same request

Yeah, I just want to let you know, I mean we are going down with a group of concerned citizens to confront the Commissioner's Court directly about this, and we've already done all these records requests, and they're either going to have the records or they're not, and the fact of the matter is they already can't produce them

Now I'm going down with a group of people to confront the commissioners directly, and I'd like the general public to know about this in case they'd like to come down

Executive orders are only directed at employees of the executive branch. You know, the president can tell his employees what to do, but he can't just tell us what to do. He has to enforce law. See, that's the problem I have with all these signing statements.

with the passengers directly,

I go through a very direct questioning of the officer about driver's licenses.

because it gave them a direction to go in they hadn't thought of.

directly to a grand jury would be a really important step in straightening things out

which is made up of citizens so citizens can't present evidence directly to other citizens too

And then the state will go a few years later and pass a law directly in contravention of the U.S. Supreme Court decision.

Seeking to present evidence directly to the statewide grand jury

And he's the one that directed me towards several different things

it's in direct violation of the constitution.

That is a direct violation of Article II,

That is a direct conflict of interest.

It is a direct violation of Division of Powers.

In my information request, because I bumped into that particular thing, is I demand direct

In direct contradiction to the reform that I'm trying to make for Texas and for the country

I directly contact them and I ask them, is it showing that it's being disputed in any way?

You can go after them directly

Iran has accused Western powers of fueling the rage directed at the country's

none of them going directly to the issue of the driver's license

But at the same time, they may also inadvertently point you in a direction to discover something you might have otherwise not known about.

the only way it can all fit together and not be a direct violation of rights

how do we solve that quandary since those particular statutes seem to be in direct opposition to each other?

Larry Nelson is actually working right now to get the actual scanned images of particular acts from the 1925 statutes directly out of the legislature,

there becomes the necessity of there being a direct correlation of what the motor vehicle

And since the license itself is directly based upon the necessity to operate in commerce,

You may not use the information directly or indirectly in his case in, during cross-examination

shouldn't do it. Get someone who's not directly involved who can do it without passion and

people who seemingly have no direct connection to go in and start filing against the judge.

directly with the micros that are suing the FCC and the U.S. government and these agents

under direct order from the judge to stamp denied on every single pleading and motion

It won't transmit 25 miles directly.

that's why I took language directly out of Title 47 when I was helping Honorable Representative

give them up, he just refused, and it got down to a direct confrontation between the

Even if it's high-minded rhetoric, Randy, it still, you know, directs the intention.

recordings I'm assuming from the show, and based upon what it's talking about here, it's got to be the one where I did the voir dire of the

because they are specifically directed to send you to the county court or the statutory county court,

who is then directed to hold an arraignment.

Neither court has jurisdiction to do the thing they are directed to do.

the time I've been on the radio, I have received not one cent in return directly from the radio.

But they collude with each other to prevent that from being introduced to the jury or to be directly examined to the witness

Do you have direct access to the grand juries in your state?

That's a direct violation of your state constitution, but since that document's

The one website that you can go to very directly would be

How do I talk with you directly, not necessarily on the air?

I went to the law library at the direction of some good people

Former managing director of Monsanto India, Tiruvardhi Jagadishan, said Monday

You can be in direct contact with her, and she'd make an interesting segment.

Susan Price, Director of Homeless Services in Long Beach, says some of the floating economic

So I know I'm headed in the right direction.

A business cannot manipulate the people themselves directly.

you can order it directly through the Rule of Law Radio Web site,

So you can order directly from us.

and I'm terrified about giving the wrong direction.

But direction.

On the January 11th, I go over the specifics of exactly how to voir dire an officer

And on February 6th I testified before the whole board about the crimes of its current medical director, not medical director, executive director about which I had personal knowledge.

which means you committed criminal acts in direct proportion to the duties of your office.

When that judge does not follow law, they are acting in direct violation of law.

If you were directed to do that by a superior and you acted in good faith

You're going in too many different directions.

The only manuals or quotations they'll accept are directly out of their own printed books in Arkansas.

Since these courts have been directed to send you to the county court, where do they get the power to hold an arraignment to accept the plea?

document directly. But there isn't much. Bar grievances are real simple. They're not, there's

to hold an arraignment when 1517B specifically directs them to send us to the county court for

better. But in either case, if you were directed and arrested by an officer without a warrant

Oh, I know. None of them are going to be happy because they put the burden directly on their

But anyhow, my question is I was wondering if Eddie could steer me in the right direction

Well, there's actually three donate buttons. You can donate directly to Eddie,

didn't realize that they would indeed be indirectly affected.

And that is directly related to philosophy.

That points directly to the purpose of philosophy.

we wind up going nowhere. We have no direction.

I haven't really said it to him directly, but in all this time together, that's really the one issue I've had with Randy's method

And then how they're going to go through this and put it right for the people of Texas. We want to get on the floor and address these people directly for the things they're trying to do

Okay so anyway my mother knew and heard the stories that the principal was directing the teachers

So that, though, as far as direct in Maryland, is the only real issue I've had

has a minimum of three travel lanes in each direction.

It was two travel lanes in each direction.

So I look in the direction of oncoming traffic to my left.

He looks in the direction of oncoming traffic to his left.

And that had both of us looking in opposite direction

And file suit against them directly

I'm going to come down to a narrow little wedge that'll be in the right direction.

Or not have direct evidence from somewhere where you're obtaining your credit from

It's a direct trade

of exchange to just a direct trade or barter, well, in my particular life, I would be saving

their city prosecutor are in direct violation of the Texas Constitution and state law in

I need to take that to some magistrate, there's nothing in law that directs a criminal complaint to a police department

everything in law directs a criminal complaint to some magistrate

No, you can get default judgment in either direction

1406A directs the officer to take you before a magistrate for the purposes of having 1517 done

In the instance of those court cases not a single one of them addressed 2.05 directly.

So 2.05, trying to allow the procedure to continue on complaint alone is in direct violation

I've seen far too many of those opinions that go in direct opposite of what the statutes

you would have to apply the same force in the opposite direction.

they can't be thrown directly into the fire.

You guys are steering in the right direction.

that are cross-braced very often in all four directions

every single piece of metal beam would fit directly onto a flatbed truck the moment it was taken out of the rubble.

okay so what direction do I need to go to see if I can get this dismissed

like say for example maybe this isn't directly related or analogous but one

opposite direction it was actually more of an honor and a trophy so to speak

opposite direction was pretty intense so that would if you are sailor back in

something to go the other direction from that Cape those were the guys going the

The report concluded Lehman died from bad mortgage holdings and, less directly, demands

yeah I would love to see the statute directly so we can hold our feet to the

are both directors of the Illinois Bar Association so we've got a little bit

there was a board of directors governing the insurance policy on Building 7.

and getting our criminal charges directly to the grand juries and empowering the grand juries

let's not break wait a minute let's not go off in this oddball directions look the prosecutor says I can present

World Food Program Director Giancarlo Ciri said, quote, they are in a total poverty trap,

The report concluded Lehman died from bad mortgage holdings and less directly, demands

When he finds probable cause, then he's directed to seal all the documents had in the hearing

Obviously, there are some legislators that listen to our show because they have directly

15.17b used to direct the court to send you to the county or statutory county court for

Now on top of that, that would then put that section in direct conflict with Article 5,

and it's going that direction.

So the Earth is still spinning in the same direction,

and then took off to the east, which is the direction I would have had to have went to go home.

The report concluded Lehman died from bad mortgage holdings and, less directly, demands

When you're done, be very certain that you put a line, a diagonal line, both directions across all remaining lines.

for some direction on that one.

And keep in mind, I'm also one of those guys that's the director of the Illinois Bar Association.

And we do have direct links with Lloyds of London, which is the actual underwriter for

And we're going to start taking in these complaints, you know, via just a copy, and send it directly

You know, it's real simple to click it over and send it directly to claims office.

what the license is directed toward is those engaged in operating in commerce upon the

are directed strictly at commercial vehicles and drivers.

are giving bad direction, the judges are upholding it.

It got the policeman out of a spot, and if you have attorneys directing the police to

Now, I'm not bringing that up, per se, directly, but I'm bringing that up obliquely.

If they arrested you, took you directly to jail, that's due process violation in the

World Food Program Director Giancarlo Thierry said, quote, they are in a total poverty trap,

I found some forms, a number of forms, with Randy's direction, but they're called open

Okay, I was going to say, title 18, 3332 will let us report them directly to an attorney

There wouldn't be any direct authority for doing act of statute like that affecting the

The report concluded Lehman died from bad mortgage holdings and, less directly, demands

Yeah, I was commenting that when we come back the second time at their direction, they're

There's nothing here directing the complaints to anybody but the district attorney.

now, understand this, Article 1, Section 10 is now in direct conflict with the combined

walked him up to my truck and asked him, you know, very, very directly,

You do realize, of course, though, that those guys have no direct law enforcement authority within the state,

Well, a little while back, I had gotten in touch with DirecTV, getting a cable, not cable

Yeah, because generally, the satellite DISH companies now, I had DirecTV once, once and

so I switched a bit over to DirecTV, it took them four trips to get my wireless connections

I couldn't wait to get rid of them, and I will not deal with DirecTV, but anyhow DISH

The report concluded Lehman died from bad mortgage holdings and less directly, demands

So I don't recommend anybody, unless you're in dire straits, trying to take on two or

So she is standing there working directly with you, and she knows I am in this courtroom.

Value stuff directly to the credit card company, who immediately thought it was a dispute,

the law and the facts under the direction of the court as in other cases.

And he will probably get pretty excited about that point and make dire threats against my

It goes out into all directions, into the entire universe through the vacuum.

support charges that the University of East Anglia's climatic research unit's director,

He's the director of an office

Or the director of the particular officer department

The fact that he hasn't met the requirements, that goes directly to court warrant removal

If they did not go ahead and pass this in his favor, so this was a direct duress

That would separate the directors of an office or some office manager from someone who is designated by the government as someone authorized to take oaths

Coley, director of immigration policy for Berkeley Law School's Warren Institute said, quote,

Well, no direct criminal enforcement, but you can shoot the crap out of them and generally it's all about money anyway

that speaks directly to writ power.

The attorney general doesn't deal directly for the most part with a lot of prosecutions

unless that misdemeanor was directly surrounded by the circumstances indicative of a breach of the peace. Now, as Randy puts it, and his understanding of it is that they have simply declared every violation a breach of the peace.

And then we wonder how they get away with coming up with an interpretation that's in direct violation of the language and intent of the Constitution itself.

Let's take, for example, Article 1, Section 10 of the Bill of Rights, where the legislature has saw fit to amend the Constitution to put it in direct conflict with its own provisions under Article 5, Section 12 and Article 5, Section 17.

and hand down an indictment if they find probable cause to do so, is in direct conflict with this amendment to Article 1, Section 10.

Okay? Direct conflict. It is also in direct conflict with Article 5, Section 12B.

that was placed by the common law on police officers and on magistrates trying to direct a police officer to secure an arrest.

because it's in direct violation of the aforementioned constitutional provisions.

but they have not bothered to determine whether or not this piecemeal change results in a direct conflict with everything surrounding it.

Given that, the amendment that they put in Article 1, Section 10 is in direct violation of a vested right under Article 5, Section 17. Therefore, the amendment is null and void as far as the language of states, except in the incarceration in a non-state penitentiary for a period of less than one year.

Okay, this would be beneficial for all listeners is how can someone direct you to a court of

Because the policeman is directing you to a court without jurisdiction.

But he ain't directing you there.

That is a direct violation of Article 2, division of powers.

And anybody that goes into direct competition in the practice of law with the bar association

It's directed to anyone having a person in his custody or under his restraint, commanding

Article 11.02, to whom directed, the writ runs in the name of the state of Texas.

as near as may be the name of the office, if any, of the person to whom it is directed.

For instance, if it's directed to the sheriff, it is directed to the office of the sheriff

has been no indictment, the writ can be returned, in other words, can be ordered to direct the

any court order directing them to seize the property. There was no warrant. There was

them then? You file suit. Okay. But this was sort of an intermediate step in that direction.

If you're using their form and it's directly online,

he stated that he had been instructed that for the last 15 years, and he worked directly

Wife went down and got her money, went directly to OSHA.

When we rescinded the agreement, we went directly to OSHA.

One of my favorite experiences was chewing out the director of the Department of Public Safety

But then I called the director of the Department of Public Safety,

Is there any direct number?

Is there any direct number you have?

then I will get in direct voice communication with you

he is the director of the office.

assuming he directed the person to do it

because they're acting under his direction.

is in direct contradiction to the Texas Constitution.

in direct contradiction of what the Constitution says?

And I'm also willing to bet you that we can have certain sections of these acts declared unconstitutional because they are in direct contradiction to the Constitution,

The legislature is, there's several things I have found that the legislature has gone directly against what the Constitution sets the limit to.

they have to direct you back to a municipal or justice court for your arraignment.

objection witnesses non-responsive, and ask the court to direct the witness

Those attorneys can't advertise, not directly.

That's indirect.

They just can't solicit to you directly, but there are some exceptions to that because every time you get arrested,

But aside from that, he can't come to you directly.

So if he's new, he can't just go out and directly solicit business.

And he said, and that's more of a, it's not so much a direct, that is a bail threat.

Lieutenant General Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency, says the

directed to do.

and he gets his authority from the IRS, wow, got crazy to me, so direct, regressed of the

Such may be public or private, dectatory, mandatory, directory or enabling in nature.

For mandatory and directory statutes, see directory, mandatory statutes, okay.

regulate before they have any direct authority over us as a whole, period.

And both of them require them to take you directly to the nearest magistrate

But it was intended that he take you directly to the nearest magistrate and explain himself

If the policeman knows that on every arrest he has to take you directly to a magistrate and explain himself

and the court must then issue a court order directing the Department of Public Safety to issue such a license.

Well, the first thing you need to do is file criminal complaints against everyone that you have talked to directly.

Then you immediately assess that officer for aggravated assault if he even so much as breeze heavy in your direction.

Yeah, she could go directly to the district attorney and their public officials and district attorney has no discretion.

They created a second-class citizen in the form of a person that is directly

worded and sent to me and then I directly wrote my friend back and this is what

Number two, Congress does not have direct lawmaking powers and authority within

Therefore, no act of Congress may be enacted so as to directly affect the

given direction, even to places that it could never reach before.

You know, so we really can't go that direction, unfortunately.

the little mom-and-pop mortgage companies around here can't call the appraiser directly.

Without permission from the director of the agency.

more positive rulings and it appears as though things are moving the direction I expected

a situation to where everybody loses except them and every direction you go they make

Since the legislature directed the courts in the case of a violation of Respitee La Joppa, the real estate settlement procedures act,

So we make it directly, accuse them of violating a very specific canon, then they don't get

So how do they direct somebody with jurisdiction in the county where the offense occurred

They can't direct you to a magistrate anywhere else with jurisdiction because there is no other magistrate

They cannot, without violating the Constitution, direct you to a different county to go to trial

Okay, it's direct and it's right here.

Now, the officer was required to direct you to a magistrate having jurisdiction of the

The legislature screwed this one up big time because they directed him to send you to a

But both of them say you must take them directly to a magistrate, then make indifference with or without a warrant.

and it can only track one target at a time in each kind of direction.

And we're moving in that direction.

to file to go directly after the officer and the prosecutor and the judge to show that

The authorities in charge of the prison answered directly to Maliki who has

I must be missing something or maybe need a little direction or help on how or where

This is a call, I guess, mostly directed to Randy.

county attorney, or directly with the grand jury.

Now, we all know that you can't turn any direction without somebody telling you

The judge acted in clear and direct violation of Constitution and statute.

Now, had he known that if he arrested me for any reason, he would have to take me directly to the nearest magistrate and explain himself,

He could arrest, but he was required to take the person directly to the nearest magistrate and explain himself.

If the police officer is commanded to take you directly to a magistrate and the magistrate is commanded to do an examining trial, we cannot have a police state.

Well, are they still taking people directly to jail and then holding them while the prosecutor tries to make a plea bargain?

The very laws written are in direct conflict with the constitution that they are supposed

Yes, I've heard of him, but I've never spoken to him directly.

So I just need to get some direction in terms of what documents I should file

The problem with the train coming down the track at you, trains go in both directions.

But the courts have it rigged in their favor where you must be directly harmed in their eyes

So this is directly from the court record from the clerk.

So this would appear to be directly applicable to the municipal or justice court

The only thing I tell the police officers, take me directly to the nearest magistrate.

take him directly to the nearest magistrate and explain himself.

sometimes when we start telling our stories, we drift off in one direction or another.

and if you drift off in one direction or another,

you paid attention and you came back with good, clear, directed questions.

And I've taken some of that direction already

Or you can write it directly to the attorney for that purpose

though California is even more direct and upfront about it.

Therefore, their ordinances and their resolutions would once again be binding only over those over whom they have direct authority,

anomaly of direction has come from in regard to the term register.

My only question is fill out that data input page and look at it directly now, and that'll

I can consult with you directly on that and see what I can do to help you.

that they're able to have a citizen initiate a complaint directly before the grand jury.

Well, maybe the legislation should be directed at the district and county attorneys.

because I don't have direct access to Supreme Court cases to do that.

It's not directly associated with me and any governmental record.

We would find out was the person taken directly to a magistrate when they were arrested.

former chairman and other former directors, shareholders and third parties

investigation, the statute therefore is directed not at the public at large,

Because it would appear to me that that is directly in conflict with the Federal Constitution

Dennis Blair announced Thursday he is stepping down as Director of National Intelligence.

about the Director of National Intelligence's role.

Officials say Blair locked horns with CIA Director Leon Panetta when he sought White

So let's like, you know, turn the tide towards the direction of laissez-faire and free market,

To speak directly with my state representative here today, Wayne Christian

That are in direct conflict with specific provisions of the state constitution

and get lawsuits coming at the city or at least the threat of lawsuits coming at the cities and counties from every direction

as Director of National Intelligence.

because of questions about the Director of National Intelligence's role.

Officials say Blair locked horns with CIA Director Leon Panetta

I just recently received a tax lien notice and I wanted to find out if you guys would be able to direct me in the proper manner to deal with this or if you can refer me to somebody else.

But when I asked them to stand up and step directly into the line of fire, they all ducked and run for cover.

And let's see, the oversight of this shall be by the board of directors of the state bar

and you were suggesting that we start heading in that direction.

which is in other ways a direct violation of the Texas Constitution.

and being learned in the law, they of all people should know this is a direct violation of the Constitution.

Right, well, maybe we should start heading in that direction.

Kevin Sanders, director of the War and Peace Foundation,

Elizabeth Birnbaum, director of the Federal Minerals Management Service

reports National Security Adviser James Jones and CIA Director Leon Panetta have told Pakistan

violated because he wasn't taken directly to the magistrate when he was arrested.

Well, yes. The federal suit won't directly stop the situation at hand. It depends on

Actually anybody who's harmed by it directly or indirectly would have standing.

Well I don't know about the indirectly at all depends on where you file it.

Here in Texas they won't let you get away with the indirectly.

So we're also going to deal directly with the denial of an examining trial to those

No citizen or inhabitant of Texas or any other state for that matter should be directly prosecutable

The 2.05 is the one that goes directly to public officials and then 4 and 5 go to all

My practice went in another direction, but I probably, early in my career, gave about


There is no direct allocation of authority to enforce traffic laws in Texas to local

It just, it's hard to get everybody to all go in the same direction even when everybody's


kinds of extenuating circumstances, they gave me directions that were contrary to other

directions I'd been given and taken MMPIs before.

Sarah Colborne, director of campaigns and operations

are looking to Iran for solutions to the dire healthcare situation. Since the 1980s, rural

we've had people on the show come on and say that the judge directed the clerk not to allow them to

you go directly to the judge himself he's going to be more careful right right okay i see where

and they lost. Now, turns out that these red light camera companies may also be in direct

you're, you're going in too many directions. We can't keep up. Sorry. Okay. Only what's

I called the director of the Department of Public Safety and spoke to Colonel Adams

What commission or agency would I contact? Is there anybody out there that could point me in the right direction?

I can tell you right now there are some people who have threatened me that worked indirectly and directly with Art Oslovedo

directly affect US strategic interests in the Arab and Muslim worlds.

I will call you and speak with you directly about this

because I have not researched New Hampshire statutes directly on this.

then I will be able to speak with you directly and intelligently about what we need to be doing.

This is, I guess, directly directed to Eddie about the traffic code.

I say we just file them directly with the insurance carrier.

and that comes under secreting a document from the person or department it's directed to,

So it would seem that sticking a needle in me against my will goes directly to corruption of blood.

Doctors in poor areas of Mississippi are looking to Iran for solutions to the dire health care situation.

directly affect U.S. strategic interests in the Arab and Muslim worlds.

person's own premises or premises under the person's control, or inside of or directly

then please feel free to email back directly at this address.

and you are directly soliciting to the public

and the public would be paying you directly for your services,

hold the police chief accountable to them directly and we hold City Council

for a few minutes, we're going to have a special guest, Robert Butler, the executive director

their executive director for two years, and I was brought down to Texas a year and a half

Director of the Texas Libertarian Party, talking about the convention this weekend.

thereof to be made in the same manner as by the law of the state he or they shall be directed

statutory revision program, begun by the Texas Legislative Council in 1963 as directed by

eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, but it leans in that direction, you know, you put

about this and we were saying no because the police chief is not directly

the police chief. The city manager is not directly accountable to you. You need to

direction the flow of power is from we the people to the states and from the states to

When they get a tort letter, that's going directly to their attorneys,

In the amounts they're using, it's not directly killing people.

If it's killing people, it's indirectly.

and the city's the one that charges the tax, yes, but they do so under the direction, supervision,

Now, what I did not find is I did not find a statute that directed that oath to be filed anywhere.

for representation and direct taxation to be apportioned among the several states which

direct taxes shall be apportioned among the several states which may be included within

Let me take you directly to a Supreme Court decision. It's 97-174. It was argued in February

Has this affected your life directly? Actually, this oil spill hasn't. We haven't seen the

Please do. Please let us know. Take pictures, upload it directly with your iPods,

and bear up against you. But when you don't shake your fist directly in their

challenge them directly. In the county I live in, the word is that if I come

You also have to understand the difference between a directory and a compulsory statute

A directory statute is just that

It gives direction if you're going to do something as to how it has to be done

And thus the directions don't apply to you if you are not participating

Well when it comes to the traffic statutes on the people of Texas they are directory

but do you have any kind of guidance or direction you can send me and what I can find from the research?

Abdol Rauf Adibzadeh, the Red Crescent's director of international affairs, said the ships were

And it's only a couple of minutes to break, so I will not be going directly into the details

Well, that is a direct constitutional violation of the Due Process Clause

You just file it directly.

the state essentially has no jurisdiction, but if the state filed a state law, then the state could prosecute him directly.

If I get the opportunity to stand in front of them, I'm going to be able to hit them with a book the size of the Houston telephone director.

and Bush prior to this have attempted to do that would be in direct violation of this as we speak.

to the IRS directly, whether through withholding or just writing them a check at the end of the

a direct tax or an excise tax form of taxation. Those are the only two authorized by the Constitution.

either through an enumerated tax where it's a direct tax where everyone has to pay the

directly attached and are in existence because of the federal laws on the same subject, but you

with the producers and directors, if you guys and gals out there want to learn about some real remedies

Because as long as we have a centralized bank that is not under the Treasury directly, that you cannot audit without a flash crash that is answerable to no one elected by no one and private,

Give it 20 miles, you'll change direction.

versus having any more negative attention directed at ourselves, a perfect example of

actually point you directly to different people who will buy it from you at virtually spot

Because when the mass turns, when that flock of birds heads directly for the vault,

Advocates for the petroleum industry in Alaska have told the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service the agency's polar bear critical habitat plan is flawed. Marilyn Crockett, director of the Alaska Oil and Gas Association, says additional consultations because of polar bears plus the cost of development projects being delayed or tied up in litigation would be huge for the petroleum industry.

This isn't just directed at Bill.

By whose directive is this done?

You're going to wind up with scratches and blows coming from every direction.

And they tried to follow the directions that would give me conflicting orders or

conflicting directions, whatever you want to say.

it was slow in coming, Cornyn blocked Senate confirmation of Michael Huerta as deputy director

guys so that you can get in touch with me directly.

Otherwise, all complaints are directed to some magistrate.

If somebody brings a complaint to the prosecuting attorney, 205 directs him to present it to

Everything directs it to a magistrate.

Melanie Sloan, executive director of the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics,

and you were required to be taken directly to the nearest magistrate.

So this gives you, you can make accusations not so much specifically directed at the individuals,

Their policy directives are in violation of law.

and they're directed to take you immediately to the nearest magistrate.

So that will give them indication of where you're going as if you're not going after these officers directly,

instead of taking you directly to a magistrate, when there were plenty of magistrates available at the time,

Now, that judge has nothing to do directly with the criminal case against you

All complaints, criminal complaints, are directed to a magistrate.

No, he's going to direct you to a municipal judge,

And it's not directly related to the case,

but you haven't made any threat to him directly.

You're not doing a direct attack on anyone.

And if they have a third party company, the director of whatever agency is keeping it,

Well, a fraud is a fraud is a fraud no matter the consequences inducing you to participate in it other than force and direct coercion under threat.

So you have no direct personal knowledge, there's official documentation supporting those presumptions.

or else you're going to be harassed and pulled over and such and that's why I directed you

Some senior officers believe former Commander Stanley McChrystal's directives were too rigid.

and that's why I directed you to that archive where we thoroughly address that issue and

And the way I did it is I didn't put it out there by contacting any one of them directly.

Any credible person, any credible citizen has the right to present charges directly

Now you have the record you can bring into a direct suit back against them.

CIA Director Leon Panetta says there are probably only 50 to 100 al-Qaeda

Afghan intelligence agency's National Directorate of Security facility in

This is mostly directed to Eddie, but anyone could answer.

to go directly after government officials for everything they do, basically.

and or restrictions directly upon we the people or our rights,

and that because it exists it has the right to subjugate the people through its own mechanisms and devices, the people and the union are in dire peril.

of a direct and palpable harm and detriment to any other member of the public,

only where the exercise of those rights would constitute a direct and palpable harm

which is in direct violation of state law

and that like I say is a direct violation of the state law

So anyway, they sent the jury out and they told me – the attorney stood up and asked for a directed verdict in his favor.

I mean, they didn't ask – they just dismissed the jury and she gave him the directed verdict.

So anyway, I did, and the thing is, after the directed order,

Now, I don't know if I completely buy that or not, but if the bill comes directly from the government,

I will forward that to Kevin, and I will get him directly in touch with you.

it can turn into something very serious and spiral way out of your control in directions

The statute directs them that on an accusation of family violence, they must arrest.

direct contact with the performer to bypass the booking agent for future bookings

We insist that the client sign directly responsible to us as far as payment and

not directly with a DJ or performer themself.

at the rules of engagement. At issue is a tactical directive issued by General Stanley

than for this guy who sounds like quite the swindler to give it back to you directly.

The client can't pay the money directly to the performer

He couldn't sue the videographer directly.

And then go to the credit card company or try to go to the credit card company directly

tenant said Frank Flores, director of development for Madison Park, the building's leasing agent.

They are going directly to the municipal governments and the county commissioners and especially

some guidance on what direction to go.

for jury duty, anyone else that's not directly associated with this case, out of the courtroom,

an hour and a half in one direction to this attorney's office in Charlotte, North Carolina,

They transferred her from my home an hour and a half north of 2 Charlotte to the federal courthouse, and they badged her and continued to try to get her to make testimony into the direction that they were required.

each person or each direction would have equal right or right of way, it's pretty much been

And Eddie is saying that because the plaintiff's direction, the road that the plaintiff was

business owner into the suit and get the suit redirected at them instead of your daughter.

that they film the bushes, the street, and the view of the street from the direction

Well, in this case, that's a direct violation of law.

question to answer. Otherwise, they're going to kind of go in all sorts of different directions

It is only binding upon those over which the city has direct authority

and assuming he's a judge. And you have direct criminal charges to make and a suit against

The nominee for director of national intelligence has warned North Korea's thinking of a South

and external political goals through direct attacks.

In July 2009, the DHS issued a directive requiring a wide range of public records requests to

They are under the direction of abiding by that Constitution.

But you can't take those portions of the Constitution that are directed specifically at the federal

was given direct authority.

you directly out of the Texas Constitution, where it tells you very clearly, let me see

see a need to make a direct declaration of it.

The nominee for director of national intelligence has warned North Korea's thinking of a South

and external political goals through direct attacks.

and so you're indirectly affecting interstate commerce, and we can regulate you. I mean, is that a joke?

This amendment provides for senators to be elected the way members of the House are by direct election of the people.

So for what it's worth, I completely agree that the 17th Amendment was an in-run around the people's ability to have direct representation.

The nominee for director of national intelligence has warned North Korea's sinking of a South Korean warship

James Clapper told a Senate hearing Tuesday Pyongyang might seek to advance its internal and external political goals through direct attacks

In July 2009, the DHS issued a directive requiring a wide range of public records requests to

You would have to be harmed you would have to have some standing or show of harm directly to yourself in order to proceed with a civil case like if you're saying

Yeah, and it seems like this is a smoke screen to try and direct me back to these tickets,

then you go direct to the grand jury.

directly addressing these issues with our legislators.

Former CIA director Michael Hayden says military action against Iran now seems more likely

or magistrate rather, or to take them directly to the grand jury yourself, but if you go through anyone, you're going to get stalemated, roadblocked, or threatened

I would have sought to bring Obama directly to the courtroom

And take it directly to the grand jury and take criminal charges against the DA along with it

And you can take them directly, your parents will have to of course

And you would go directly to the grand jury

Now, make sure you send me an email so that I can send you the updated motions directly so you can get those filed immediately.

How to contact his direct assistant, Representative Charlie Garand

He should have said move for directed verdict.

The nominee for director of national intelligence has warned North Korea's thinking of a South

and external political goals through direct attacks.

Well, a tort letter, you can file a tort letter directly with any official body

That certainly would be some evidence leaning strongly in that direction.

The police officer is required to take you directly to the nearest magistrate

I want to know who the director of the agency is that has that code in there

I would really appreciate any kind of direction that you could point me to for a good resource

where it directs all notices of federal liens to be filed with the county recorder.

And it directs that the county recorder must file the notice of lien,

constitutional when it seems to be in direct conflict with the 13th Amendment, which abolished

It certainly looks like they're trying to push it in that direction, and it also seems

All questions in which they are concerned are so directly connected with the public

direct conflict with the Constitution and is therefore null and void and grants this

for it directly or indirectly, so to speak. It's not being paid for through either excise

taxes or direct taxes. It's being paid for by inflation, through them just borrowing

Well, let's also consider that when you actually ask a direct and pointed question to a politician,

The nominee for director of national intelligence has warned North Korea's thinking of a South

might seek to advance its internal and external political goals through direct attacks.

I am simply managing that association on the direction of being appointed as the treasurer,

We have a few people who gather together, and as the board of directors,

They are operating on the directions of the association

You can do it on the direction of the association and we can meet.

You're only appointed and you're doing it on the direction of the association.

faith and actions directly into the format as the common law has it. In other words,

be burned out into the air, which means that they were going directly out into the air,

one direction. So when the officer stopped me, I was going down the sidewalk because

you going in the wrong direction in the turn lane.

so you are, go directly to the district attorney and report that that has happened and immediately

a direct violation of state constitution and state law.

In Texas, the statutory requirements are that they take them directly to a magistrate as

convenient for the magistrate to see you, instead of taking you to the magistrate directly

the filing entity directed to accept criminal complaints but she wouldn't take them anyway.

If the clerk is actually saying the judge dismissed it, then the judge directed the

So again, I send that to the judge and I send one to the prosecutor just directly to the

Goldberg says the results might be dire as Hezbollah will probably retaliate against

that it's typically where you've got one of these direct record electronic machines

The bosses give me directions to rule against the lender.

Undoubtedly, you asked them a question that pointed so directly at their weakness.

Borrowers are in default on federally family education loans, FFEL, or FFEL, on direct loans if they fail to make required payments for 270 days for loans,

In direct relation to your question, if the question is centered around a timeline since you've only got two years left in the home, the whole process could start and end within 90 to 120 days.

instead of going directly to the municipal court,

is go directly to the district attorney with a criminal complaint for assault

It can be turned into a directed prosecution.

directed question toward one particular statute.

So we're reporting it directly.

So that could be a vice president, president, director.

The judge orders them to answer, and God help them if they refuse the direct order of a federal court judge to answer these questions.

either by directly contacting the bureaus or through one of these services, can you get

My understanding is that if you contact the credit bureau directly, that they can provide

of law, big time. Likely, they didn't take you directly to a magistrate, which I'm sure

they still have to take you directly to a magistrate first

because they didn't take you directly to the magistrate.

He basically absconds with it directly from the magistrate,

and all the evidence directly from the magistrate,

law is, directly to your grand jury.

of those bar grievances directly to them. But also make sure you send them to the Bar

republic is at right now. Because if we can't present directly to our grand juries, it's

present criminal charges directly to the grand jury. And folks, we do have the right to

do have grand juries. We do have the right to present criminal charges directly to the

get our criminal complaints directly to the grand jury because it's the only way that

before. Sometimes you don't want to go directly to the grand jury first. Sometimes you want

Right. Kevin, listen, suing these public servants directly, that is absolutely, you know, righteous.

because somebody misdirected the paperwork from the clerk of the court

from the person or office it's directed to, that's a violation.

they're directed to.

And over time, after a lot of mistries and wrong directions, I finally worked out how to do it.

this is the first one that gives the prosecuting attorney a specific directive.

They take the person arrested directly to jail.

He will take you directly to jail as a matter of policy.

Anyway, okay, if the officer fails to take you directly to a magistrate who's

being forwarded directly to the prosecuting attorney

and that criminal complaint is always directed to some magistrate.

Nowhere is a criminal complaint directed to the police department.

And when we come back, I'll go directly into the strategy of how to use a grand jury

in every direction.

And to go after him directly.

I said, and it's enough evidence to go after the officer directly for his actions.

against the last month, and she's in dire straits, but she's doing whatever the website

Every time he sneezes in the direction of your table, file a sanction for trying to get you sick to get you out of court

What it says is that is a direct statement saying that this contract is void

At this stage, no direct contact has been made with Taliban leader Mullah Omar,

denied because NIST director, Dr. Shyam Sunder, determined that the release

So I asked the director how in the director's judgment is the release of

from the FOIA officer, Catherine Fletcher, through the director of NIST, Dr. Shyam Sunder,

so I strongly encourage the NIST director to reconsider his decision to withhold analysis data.

that this triaxial stress state condition applied to any force on a deformable body in any direction.

that basically he'll use it in a way that is an approved manner by the NIST director, a pretty strong condition.

What authority does the director of NIST have to dictate open records, and what remedy is there against his decisions?

Folks, if you would go to, you'll see a nine-second video direct from

It's not going to flow in the direction unless it's being forced.

The NIST director, that is Dr. Sunder, determined that the release of these

U.S. aid director Christopher Crowley said many in the U.S. believe Iraq has the means

and had them sign for it directly, and then that day all this stuff happened.

And I can see the possibility that the folks who were directly affected,

But the people who were directly affected may have to pick up the ball and run with it

Directly affected by the building.

They would have to be people directed directly by the building.

times at the seminars and such and on the show here, that these are directly tied as

That's two things now that they've managed to violate directly out of the Bill of Rights,

and I'm going to try to make it more brief but still very direct in what it says

This would land them directly, squarely under the same penalties

Well, it shields their assets and them from direct liability.

without direct evidence that they did something involved in it.

They have their own network of servers, of proxy servers, and the proxy servers do the searching directly to the search engines.

But your IP address isn't directly interacting with those major search engines.

That's like TXU and Direct Energy and all those are retail providers.

then your connection is redirected through proxy servers to access the website,

You can't establish a secure socket layer encrypted connection directly

So for folks who want to do live video streaming directly to the internet,

I've had many direct personal conversations with Charlie before he passed away.

and to move in a direction that serves the interests of the people of those two countries,

Dylan Sharp, campaign director of Big Brother Watch, said the whole process is based on unfounded accusations

There's a lot of evidence pointing in that direction, especially Sam Kennedy.

is regarding the writing of these bonded promissory notes directly off the Treasury.

you cannot write bonded promissory notes off of the U.S. Treasury directly

unless you have direct written permission from the Secretary of the Treasury, period,

other states from having any direct authority over or the federal government from having

any direct authority over. But the people that comprise the state, it would be idiotic

I get a phone call from Encore's regional director, regional manager or something,

And so he ended up calling the chairman of the board of directors and speaking with the secretary.

And I think he actually ended up speaking with the chairman of the board of directors at one point

So I was thinking about, since I had direct access to him as a candidate, asking him a

but you know as well as I do that without black-letter law sitting directly under it,

Anatoly Dervienko, director of Russia's Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, said it is

And the problem is, they're generally attorneys, so they're real good at obfuscation and misdirection, especially when they have someone who's not as sophisticated as they are.

number of militiamen directly under its control has never been revealed.

Well, you can talk to the judge directly.

This is directly out of statute.

Police officer means an officer authorized to direct traffic or arrest persons who violate traffic regulations.

rather than specifically a police officer authorized to direct traffic or arrest persons who violate traffic regulations.

This goes directly to 42 U.S. Code 1983.

We received information directly from them via email several weeks later,

But Congress must also pass an authorization bill that directs exactly how the money will

In other words, it is a direct cross-reference

Notice vehicles is plural there. Section 146, it is unlawful for the owner, or any other person, employing or otherwise directing the driver of any vehicle to require or knowingly to permit the operation of such vehicle upon a highway in any manner contrary to law

And what the area specifically means in the way that it's written is that if you own a vehicle or if you employ somebody that owns a vehicle or if you just happen to be directing somebody in the operation of a vehicle

And it reads exactly as follows, a person who owns a vehicle or employs or otherwise directs the operator of a vehicle

It is unlawful for the owner employing or otherwise directing the driver of any vehicle to require or knowingly to permit the operation of such vehicle upon a highway in any manner contrary to law

Okay, notice it goes directly to, it is unlawful for the owner employing or otherwise directing, okay

And then it goes any other person employing or otherwise directing, whereas the new one doesn't say that at all

The new one simply says if you own it or you employ someone or you otherwise direct

and said department is hereby directed to erect and maintain on the highways and roads of Texas

and you go directly to the grand jury.

and it's almost impossible to get directly to the grand jury.

Once the men were infected, they were given direct inoculations either on their sexual

because they don't take the arrested person directly to a magistrate.

They have to take you directly to a magistrate, not to the jail to get booked in the orange suit

They have to take you directly to a magistrate.

of all the evidence against you directly to the prosecutor.

The facts to the case will point the law typically in one direction or the other.

So a lot of times when I can't get something directly on point, I can get something close

If it's old case, then I go directly to shepherds and they bring me up to new cases.

And I spoke to them directly, and still nothing.

Okay, the order directs that you're to keep both policies in effect.

Every single thing you're referring to ties directly back to the requirement

through a direct misinterpretation

directly to the grand jury. I did get her to snap her head around as she was walking

nothing in the law that directs a criminal complaint to any law enforcement. It's directed

complaint goes directly to a district judge in the case of a felony or to any other magistrate

Before I stamp anything or file, I need to direct you around until the sheriff's office

The clerks take their direction from the judge.

But still she broke the law because the Code of Criminal Procedure directs the

Yes, and that's why complaints are also directed to magistrates so that the

Criminal complaints are directed towards magistrates

They're not directed towards any law enforcement entity.

Okay, I have been directed to go speak with the sheriff.

is directed to some magistrate of the state.

no time at all does the sheriff ever directly state they are not commercial.

there was no direct rebuttal of the stipulation that these are commercial statutes.

if the code gives specific direction as to what is to be done

A new White House report says the Pakistani military is avoiding direct conflict with

it in direct conflict with Afghan Taliban or Al-Qaeda forces in North Waziristan.

They start with a law enforcement agency to investigate and then to direct.

2.03 gives specific directives to it specifically deals with an attorney for the state but it

Everything in the code says that all complaints are directed to magistrates.

right, and that right is enumerated in statute, to go directly to the grand jury and that

I wasn't actually intending to ask to talk to you today, but the judge directed me over

law that criminal complaints are directed to magistrates.

That's why the law directs that criminal complaints be filed with a magistrate or grand jury.

That is directed at the magistrate, so it's kind of-

are to be directed to some magistrate or the grand jury because it's up to them to decide

that all criminal complaints shall be directed to some magistrate or to a state attorney

or directly to the grand jury, okay, because if it were up to law enforcement to interpret

Now the time has come for that complaint to be directed to some magistrate and that's

They started altering the law and the direct application of the law.

hazard in and of itself, it caved in, the bridge washed out, anything, those are directly

you're going to run directly afoul of that law.

right as you were telling the clerk these need to be forwarded directly

for secreting documents from the department or person they're directed to.

Black's law specifically says a citation is a directive or order under process of the court

Well, I agree with that, but in doing so, they direct you to the small claims

Right, and that was done intentionally, and that's why they direct you to those courts instead of the county court.

I mean, that's what they're doing anyway. They're directing you to the wrong court.

So no matter which direction out of balance your body may be,

That's why criminal complaints are not directed towards law enforcement.

They are directed towards magistrates or the grand jury

or your court appearance you are going directly to an arraignment.

a conversation, but my call is directed to Randy. Randy, being from California, and I

Okay, this is in direct violation of recent case law, namely the Kabbalist

of where they can go when that subtitle gives specific direction as to how it's to be enforced.

says that criminal complaints are to be directed to the magistrate or the grand jury or the

complaints are to be directed to some magistrate or directly to the grand jury and in the case

to be directed to some magistrate or the state attorney or the grand jury and so yeah, obviously

I mean, we have the fact that it says that there'll be no direct taxes and so on.

And I'm in dire straits and I'll still send them money.

We would not be in these dire straits right now.

She'll just have to file it directly with the magistrate.

Well, first off, that is a direct violation of freedom of association.

It was some very interesting conversation, and hopefully we learn something in both directions.

But I know what I have to do and I know the direction that I have to go.

I'm Director Catherine Albrecht

McCord urged the public to direct its anger toward the system rather than the individual

We're going directly after the attorney who's doing the foreclosure and nobody else.

but they're not going to have a clear and direct chain of title back to the original land grant.

and we take a shot directly at the attorney himself.

directing the plaintiff to remove all references to criminal accusations or face sanctions.

McCord urged the public to direct its anger toward the system rather than the individual soldiers.

Wolfstrom heard directly from villagers and UN peacekeepers in the place where killings,

That she received direction on the service from them to deny the service being done

In a direct line back to the lender who originated the note,

same shall be filed by him. Now this originally allowed anybody to go directly to a Justice

shall be directed to the proper sheriff, constable, or some other person specifically named therein.

the complaining because the officer never signs it. You then go directly to a trial

necessarily in violation of statute. Not directly. That's the problem. Well I agree

He's getting beat up in the courts in every direction.

The second one was against MERS directly. MERS was trying to do the foreclosure, and the court ruled that MERS absolutely had zero standing because MERS never owned the note.

And certainly any time anyone is arrested and taken directly to jail,

know, you directly support things like the radio network, or you, you know, support the

somebody, when they get arrested and they're taken directly to jail instead of taken directly

When someone is arrested, they have to be brought directly to a magistrate.

I keep getting redirected. It comes up mortgage crimes not crimes and I don't know what's

some other public servant that does not work for the courts, then you direct that to the civil grand jury.

in in texas criminal complaints are directed to be filed with magistrates or with state attorneys

well i mean were they ever charged any offense directly related to carrying the weapons no see

on Iraqis, stating, quote, no further investigation will be required unless directed by headquarters.

go someone needs to file a suit against both this da and this chief of police directly for violations

the issue here becomes to you directly were you responsible for the accident

But I told him that if it was me, I would go directly after this statute for

The only person who works for me in a public office is the director of the

presume that the mayor specifically directed him to do so as respondeet

The only guy who works for me is the director.

All the people who work under him work at his behest and under his direction.

of the director.

The director of the Department of Public Safety used to recognize my voice.

I used to regularly call the director of the Department of Public Safety.

Any time a DPS officer gave me a problem, I assumed that the director himself

sent that person to do that to me personally, because it was the director

He put them in their place, directed them, trained them. They're working under his direction and guidance.

official oppression and obstruction of justice. So now we'll be going after Judge Dietz directly

jury will do. The prosecutor, the judge, no one has any direct control over the grand

He can't advertise directly.

and that was a direct competitor to hemp in the textile and cordage industry.

the cases that are in it, but there's a motion I've just finished that goes directly to this

And that would get you directly to somebody

He's going to have to take you directly to a magistrate that you elected

Mohammed Al-Sabahd, Air Cargo Director for Yemiyah Airways,

Now, the reason that was implemented was so they didn't have to take you directly to a magistrate.

Well, do the constituents ever get to address him directly?

and respond directly to citizens.

Michael McDonnell is directly over the police department under the charter.

Part of that problem is it's written directly into the statute that way.

It is in direct violation of Texas law.

About 8 o'clock, cut from his lane directly in front of her car

from me sitting directly behind him,

Otherwise, she wouldn't be in such a dire situation right now.

he's in direct violation of Texas law.

and that's why California dropped the use of the direct record electronic machines.

And first of all, with the direct record electronic machines that we use here in Travis County

But that appears to be in direct violation of the Texas constitutional requirements of how an amended or revised act must be published

Well I would like to look at the articles of the incorporation and see who the listed officers are, the shareholders, as far as the board of directors and stuff like that, if it's necessarily the same as the officers of the court or not.

If they are also large shareholders or officers or on the board of directors or have strong vested interests,

If this starts to turn the other direction,

if we don't have a direct chain of custody of the security instrument

Tom Malinowski, an advocacy director for Human Rights Watch, said, the fact that none of

unless it dramatically changes its fiscal direction.

A review conducted for the director of national intelligence

that supply these fluoridating chemicals directly from the fertilized industry.

He's the director of the Fluoride Action Network.

Every state has a health department, every health department has a dental director,

and usually that dental director is actually paid by the CDC.

If we took that $700,000 that they're frishing away on these poisonous chemicals and help those low-income families directly with education,

but one of them is directly or indirectly offers, undertakes,

to allow this to go in, and all of this falls directly on his head.

the city council members themselves are directly responsible

All of them need to be on the co-defendant list as well as the director

A directives in the law that says what shall be the remedy.

He's the director of the Fluoride Action Network.

He's the director of the Fluoride Action Network.

He is actually the director of the Fluoride Action Network.

He is the director of the Fluoride Action Network,

My next question was directed for Eddie,

directly from the voting machine companies.

One bag is labeled elections equipment, and you can buy it directly from them.

So I get to go directly there, and it gets to be directly high profile all over again.

It's moving in our direction.

And he will either direct the bailiff to come and retrieve it

They are to be taken directly to the nearest magistrate

Okay on direct solicitation by lawyers

And they can send them a direct mailing

Yes this is directed there to Randy thank you folks for your service there appreciate it

And the only way someone can be a valid holder is to have the note transferred to them by a valid holder all the way back in a direct uninterrupted line to the original lender

analysis of their ability to withstand a direct hit by a jet aircraft. The head of Britain's

For instance, there is no direct civil cause of action for a denial of due process.

You need to be finding out because most likely there's going to be a direct correlation.

Is a court or a judge directed to investigate jurisdiction or lack of jurisdiction

The fact that it does not get challenged directly as far as subject matter goes does not vest the court with jurisdiction.

first direct talks in over a year, but U.S. officials are pessimistic a deal can be reached.

transmit germs directly to the human bloodstream, do we really want clouds of frankenbugs full

speeches, maybe they're indirectly aiding, you know, the enemy, the terrorist, they would

When known a harder, executive director of WFF said quote,

As a sovereign, you should assume that everything that was done by these officers were done and at the direct request of Chief Acevedo.

Brian Con Cannon, director of the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, said,

We're also going to be going into direct and cross-examinations, should you ever actually

last session or takes you in a new direction as new discoveries are made in the process.

and see if they're still abiding by the law when they do these little changes of direction

how to do direct examination, what the difference between questioning and leading questions

of direct harm to somebody or some property.

Given the mosquitoes transmit germs directly to the human bloodstream, do we really want

intents and purposes that statute is dealing strictly and directly with the office of sheriff

Given the mosquitoes transmit germs directly to the human bloodstream,

There are some really direct things you can do, especially if you want to take a good

Open up the blood vessel and then pass all the poison in one direction through one vessel

So things are moving along in our direction.

We'll be talking about cross-examination, direct examination, types of questions, basically

So I've got the document already written for sending to the Executive Director

and to the Deputy Director of the Division of Driver License.

Get redirections.

And you will get lots of redirection.

Which directs the magistrate to do everything in 1517 as if the officer had brought you directly before him with an arrest warrant.

We can take it more directly.

A classified directive issued to U.S. diplomats by its Secretary of State,

which is a direct violation of 543, Transportation Code.

But long story short, it is far from established in either direction whether the citizens do

as I can tell, clearly, but to answer you directly, I mean, I have not actually gone

what we are discussing and doing as it bears directly upon the issues that you are having

It does not identify itself as either a complaint or an information, which has a direct bearing

attorney and the accused to cut a deal that directly violates the requirements

Then everything that I've been talking about so far this evening directly applies to you.

And all proceeds go directly to Eddie on that one, and a portion goes to Brave New Books.

Sheila Krumholz, executive director of the Center for Responsive Politics said, quote,

Next step for me was to complain to the director of operations after this processor number

The director of operations was aware that she had been somewhat slow and had agreed

I spoke to the director of operations personally about this, explained to her, look, you know,

You know, I wrote a very long email to the director of operations as well as other representatives

I mean, the director of operations was well aware of what was going on.

All of the processors plus the director of operations.

Could they sue the director of operations as well?

In a May 2009 cable, Colin Roberts, the Foreign Office Director of Overseas Territories, told U.S. diplomats,

But I'm not so sure the best thing for you to do is to not handle it directly in court.

Because that's who she's been directed to as the sergeant.

I've been directed to contact the sergeant

citizens will visit directly with a sergeant,

I haven't talked directly to the sergeant at this point, but only to the police monitor,

One, the court clerks are being directed by these magistrates not to allow people to make

officer, and they're doing it under the direct order of the judge.

543 of the Transportation Code, where the officer is given specific directives as to

Now under those directives, any individual that receives a citation but won't sign it

They are instead taken and hauled to a jail cell in direct violation of the statute and

And they are directed in subsection B to create an order

then everything in 1517 must be done as if the person had been brought directly to the magistrate

All of these are direct due process violations on an individual appearing before the court.

I'm not really the appropriate person to deal directly with.

She's directly below us on that side of the building.

So the police department reports directly to this department, I believe, doesn't it?

The police chief, fire chief, the EMS director, director of the community court,

director of the municipal court, all of that.

He reports directly to you guys?

that citizens could call directly.

I think they report directly to the city manager.

You can contact the Human Resources Director.

Shaquille Sayed, director of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California said, quote,

But yeah, at this point, you definitely have cannon fodder to fire in their general direction.

Because I do get calls and emails from several people in that direction needing help.

I can't read the signature very well, but then I realized, well, if I search through the staff directory,

maybe someone in the court signed it on that staff directory, and it's definitely the City of Round Rock.

I put on my UCC, chief occupant, executive, financial director,

Sub-Item 1, a medical power of attorney or other advanced directive under Chapter 166 Health and Safety Code,

They should be prosecuting them, which their job requires them to do, but they can't direct them, they can't administer them, because they're in a different branch of government.

Yeah, and it's going directly to you.

I mean, the only way to get around that is you're just going to have to deal with the IRS directly.

The lawsuit came from the fact that we, you know, as a Mudd Director,

and then it got appealed directly to the Supreme Court from there.

When I served on my utility district as a mud director, we were under Open Meetings Act,

Now, there's two ways to respond to this, really, two directions you can take.

One direction is to attempt to get people to follow the rules, the people that are breaking the rules,

in 2011. If Wall Street pumped this money directly into the economy instead of paying it to its

named Bass said, we're going after the agencies that were directly involved in the censorship of

the cop directed him to go stand in the field. When he was directed to move away from his vehicle

actual or impending, to a legally protected interest directly resulting from the enforcement

So, how do we transfer that directly to municipal police officers?

Microphone section facing in the direction you want, it'll get virtually everything

to the podcast or you can go to the archive page and download the mp3s directly to your

But I looked at one today when I was going over this with Randy, and they are directly

I want the board of directors names.

Organization the TMCA board of directors also serves as the Texas Municipal Courts

Education Center board of directors meaning both 501 3 C's are controlled by the same people

Randy I did post a link into skype for you dealing with who the board of directors is in the 10 regions that are set up for these

Board of Directors is necessary to disassociate TMCEC and TMCA functions now

They just said that the same board of directors exists for both entities now. They're saying they're separate

Let's see, even though the boards of direct and then they're saying it again

Even though the boards of directors for both TMCA and TMCEC are comprised of the same people

So the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals is directly funding this misapplication and intentional miseducation of the law to these lower court prosecutors and judges

Thank you, Debra. I wanted to direct a couple of questions to Eddie.

They directed me to the municipal police department.

They did that under the direct orders of the judge.

But the bailiff takes his directions from the judge and the judge is respondeet superior, not respondent, R-E-S-P-O-N-D-E-A-T superior.

had the name and the direction and I figured I'd have to go to Pacers up and try to trace

and then to either pay the fine there directly or enter a plea of not guilty.

that you be brought directly before a magistrate?

I can put you directly in touch with Rick. He's giving me permission to give out a phone

you his phone number so you can contact him directly.

for direct and intentionally knowing violation of that particular statute.

You would only be able to ask direct questions.

So that's direct examination.

My husband's sister's boyfriend, he's a real estate broker and he was directly involved

Eddie's right, you need to go directly to the grand jury and in California, y'all have

working on a direct cross-examination, basically question and answer checklist to go through

Even though such a statute would be a direct violation of Texas Constitution Article 1,

and direct examination of a police officer on the stand in a speeding citation case.

of Law Radio. We are talking about speeding cases and direct examination and we will be

going over the cross examination and direct examination questions of an officer in a speeding

this on the record. Okay, that is the culmination of direct and cross-examination of a police

to directly access all the documents,

It would be a wonderful gift for someone and then you can have it mailed directly to them.

Aftenposten has become the only media organization in the world to directly access all the documents, allowing them to dodge WikiLeaks' current strategy

because it's going to be taken directly from the statute

This could take us directly to the federal court with a RICO.

Yes, because this violates both federal and state constitution directly.

And what they need more than anything now is direction.

Go to the librarian in charge of that section. I'm willing to bet you they can take you directly to it.

or who can be commissioned as an officer, and I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction.

Now, before I get to that directly, there's something else I would like to point out,

So that would mean that a justice or a municipal judge is directed by 1517 to forward the request

Now, let's go to 26.04 and see how the legislature attempted to create a direct unconstitutional statute.

is a direct violation of the Texas Constitution.

It is straight cross and direct examination of the police officer on the stand in a speeding citation case.

Afton Poston has become the only media organization in the world to directly access all the documents,

The problem with bar grievances as prosecutors is not that the bar grievance harms them directly

Yes, and if you try to go directly to the grand jury,

what direction to go in.

but at least hopefully we're trying to point you in the right direction

They ran my name once and got a hit directly on that document.

There was no way to find the document directly, but if you ran my name, you'd find it.

line of holdership from them directly back to the borrower at closing. The

You have to be able to show that he used his discretion to commit a direct violation of law.

whoever issues the hunting licenses directly, don't go to a convenience store and get it.

Go directly to the agency and attempt to get the license.

The lender will only pay direct attention to the appraiser they hire.

That keeps you from being directly involved.

That if you secret a government document from the person or office it's directed to, that's a felony in Texas

Primarily what I would like to see changed is this requirement to bring a person directly to the nearest magistrate

He was certain that I had some acts to grind against this attorney, and I thought, no, I don't have any complaint against him directly

under 1406 code of criminal procedure to take you directly to the nearest magistrate.

He is directed if he does so to take you directly to the nearest magistrate and explain him

legal so a policeman is required to take you directly to the nearest magistrate.

when they don't follow these laws that are very clearly written to direct them in their

When in fact the Code clearly directs a magistrate who's not allowed to appoint counsel to send

to do by 14.06 quota code procedure and instead follows policy and takes you directly to jail,

had to walk or ride a horse, he would take you directly to the nearest magistrate because

He had to take him directly to the nearest magistrate, Heath Boyd is still good law.

The requirement to take a person directly to the magistrate is still in law.

Now according to the case law, the officer has a duty to take you directly to the nearest

blah blah blah and I said take me directly to the nearest magistrate.

but take me directly to the nearest magistrate.

I looked up in the video camera and I said take me directly to the nearest magistrate.

He said okay, every person I talk to, first words out of my mouth take me directly to

And the fact they failed to take you directly to the nearest magistrate also violates a

doesn't respond, then you petition the court for an order directing them to respond.

a little bit better information and actually got directed to E City Court that the ticket

What if I took a different direction on this?

This is not a question I could answer directly, I'd have to, you know, it's kind of an arcane,

Mike was able to do his direct testimony last night, and that's where they closed.

they associated us with the defendant, so they didn't want to make any direct comments

So this just goes to show you that through the order that the court directs to the jury,

even though they tell them the presumption of innocence exists, they directly tell the

He has several direct issues with the judge proceeding to trial, absent jurisdiction,

Now over the course of these two days, Judge Statman made a direct order to everyone in

that I believe it is Evelyn McKee that's made this directorate that the media is to be excluded

In fact, before the jury returned, she reiterated that order again while staring me directly

But in any case, she looks directly at me and says, if any media personnel remained

blocked by a city marshal upon direct order of the judge to, officer, place that man under

part for the directives that she had given.

these four city marshals and I'm going to say, do you recall the directives you were

direct order from the magistrate, Judge Statman, and I know they're going to say yes, that's

She has just taken the directive she's given you, pinned it to your forehead and pushed

that specifically heard this directive on both days.

By not allowing due process violations to be addressed, that is upon its face a direct

He can simply go directly to a district judge and demand a void judgment.

The situation's getting dire.

discuss when I speak to you directly off air. Okay?

Secretary as directed by him. Secretary here means Secretary of the Treasury. Okay. Now.

tons of case law and the specific code citations listed, highlighted, and annotated directly in it.

one of these little PIN recorders or a digital recorder that records and also goes directly

to the Internet or a receiver. Well, going directly to the Internet, that's on a smartphone,

especially if she is presiding over individuals or other things that have a direct association

with her particular law firm. Granted the law firm says that it is involved directly

direct, very clear and specific orders on both dates of Mike's trial that absolutely

staring directly at me that if there is any media present in my courtroom, you run the

Hay Rodriguez, I believe his name is, upon direct order of the judge prior to this, asked

directly what they think about being put up on the sacrificial altar by this judge after

the traffic issues. So he could probably point you in the right direction better than I at

in direct touch with him as well because I know from his postings back that he does read

Volker Pertes, director of the Institute for Security and International Affairs,

That is a criminal complaint that directly invokes his duty.

There's a way to make money that is not tied directly to the lender.

so you're directly responsible for it.

that draws a direct line on what they're either trying to get away with

because everything on that application relates directly to being credit worthy

I mean, I may as well be. I'm certainly responding to direct personal attacks.

That would go directly toward making it more in your favor that there was no reason to actually tow it.

The wrecker company is going to argue that they were called properly and did only what they were directed by a peace officer to do and were acting on that necessity alone.

Churches and state are going the opposite directions,

and you should go directly after them.

Somebody I can get in contact with directly.

So when we come back over to the other side, if you have a question or a direct comment, move as quickly as we can.

HRW Executive Director Kenneth Roth says the fundamental error made by U.N. Secretary General

directed verdict in favor of the defendant.

I demand a directed verdict.

and that those people are to report directly to the sheriff's office.

information and what the ticket directed them to as far as the court is

That is a direct denial of your right to face your accuser in court.

The clerk, as a part of their official duties, is being directed to do the process of completing

They've been directed to create the complaint by either their superiors or whoever's trained

And it's all being done directly in violation of the due process rights of the individual.

If these clerks are being paid to do this and they are being directed to do it by a

directed by a police officer, shall vacate the lane closest to the emergency vehicle

when driving on a highway with two or more lanes traveling in the direction of the emergency

when driving on a highway with two or more lanes traveling in the direction of the emergency

Two going in the direction you were going?

You need to know how to couch the questions to directly get the officer in the position

Volker Pertes, director of the Institute for Security and International Affairs

Yes, send it to the director

Because the only one in the Highway Patrol that works for you is the director

It's either dictated to the clerk by the police officer directly, it's taken directly from the citation,

or it's taken directly from the police report, or possibly a combination of the citation and the police report.

One, they've been directed either as a matter of their job training or by their boss or a peer that this is what you're going to be doing.

were they directed to do it as a part of their job?

Were they directed to do this as a part of their job description?

And so they initiated the prosecution, which is a direct denial of due process.

practicable upon said affidavit as directed in section 4, 5, or 5, 4, 5, 2, 4, oh, and

to seek assistance from you more directly on that.

they were setting up rules and times and no direct contract

car was up and he was already moving in my direction when I

should advise and direct peace officers in preparing criminal cases.

but not directly to the court.

No one is directed by Texas law

directly from the police officer.

directly from a citation.

directly from a police report.

Or five, they're getting it directly

or he directs them to do it.

were there and prepared to go to trial as you were directed.

Netanyahu called Suleiman, who is also Director of Egypt's General Intelligence Service,

but I'm referring this to them directly.

Nothing in law directs a criminal complaint to a policing agency.

Nothing in law directs a criminal complaint to a prosecuting attorney.

Everything in law directs a criminal complaint to some magistrate.

The statute doesn't direct you to write anything down.

It directs her to.

Everything directs a complaint to some magistrate.

And so what they can't collect in direct taxes from the people, they're going to take through

And that's a direct violation of the division of powers doctrine.

Everything applies with taking you directly to a jail cell, does it not, Randy?

This is what I was talking about earlier about where they have multiple parts of law that conflict directly with other parts of law

and in some cases, lots of cases, directly with the mandates of the Texas Constitution.

didn't take him directly to the nearest magistrate.

because it orders the officer, unless that officer takes an arrested person directly to a magistrate,

and 15.17 is directly invoked in relation to citations through 15.17G,

That's a crime directly.

is acting in BP's interest. Judge Barbier noted Feinberg's $850,000 monthly fees are paid directly

Well, if the section has in it what direction at the fork in the road I should take,

Now, that particular statute has to do directly with due process as director to issue notice

mentioned, this is at any time after the issuance of an order under this section, the director

the director may, okay, well, it says may, and we know how public officials are.

You might want to ask the director of child support enforcement if they would go ahead

But guess what, director of child support enforcement is receiving a criminal complaint

But so yeah, I just sent in my criminal complaint and now on director, but I sent in the others

one, just like Randy said, I sent my criminal complaints against the director and other

So really, they have to come up with something substantial in order to hold my license if they were to proceed in that direction, correct?

All right, so you challenge it as a directed verdict in your favor, because the state failed to prove anything against you in court.

I move the court for a directed verdict in favor of the defense.

You don't have to ask the first question during trial and you can still get the directed verdict

If the judge asks you why you believe you're entitled to a directed verdict, tell him.

So we're going to start attacking the complaints directly.

We're going to start attacking the charge directly.

Now, by doing that, we will be able to put the law itself directly in front of the jury.

We will be able to put a direct explanation for that section of law directly in front

because even if they try to rebut it in testimony, they haven't directly addressed the affidavit.

14.06 Texas Code of Criminal Procedure authorizes a police officer to release you on a misdemeanor and also that's the one that directs the is that right Eddie?

so it's not a statute it's directly but it denies you in other rights does that make sense

As much as we don't like the police they get flack from every direction so you know these cops weren't they didn't get abusive or anything

These cops get flack from every direction because they're taking the same trend

Yeah they get flack from every direction and for the most part the policeman on the street is following policy

Directorate of Security said another suicide bomber cell recruited young men from religious

Directorate spokesman Luftullah Mashal said Thursday most of the suicide attacks in Kabul

Now, when a statute gives specific direction

Because equitable estoppel operates directly on the defendant

With the exception of, rather than being directed to a peace officer to place someone under arrest and bring them before the court

It's directed to the individual themselves, telling them that they are required to make an appearance before the court

The National Directorate of Security said another suicide bomber cell

National Directorate spokesman Luftullah Mashal said Thursday most of

So I'm hoping that maybe you can help me and give me some direction on where I should turn and how to proceed from here

There's probably a Veterans Affairs organization in California someplace that you might be able to get some help directly

But the statute specifically directs them to the nearest

indirectly. Actually, the heads of all of the agencies work directly for me.

democracy translates into worker power. CIA Director Leon Panetta warns the U.S. faces cyber

could very well be a cyber attack. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told the

I will send a copy of it directly to their insurance company.

You never make connection with the webpages you visit directly,

I will send you the voir dire questions for the cop on the stand.

you're going to voir dire them with on the stand.

but any citizen can bring the criminal complaint directly to that grand jury

Well, if the bailiff was talking directly to the judge, that's a problem. If the bailiff was only

Doesn't make any difference. You have the one that's accusing you communicating directly with

It's all you need to understand. Did he send this directly to you, or did he file this in the court?

or the military has to be directly involved.

The main problem that we have is that our public officials have been lying to us from every direction.

You never make connection with the webpages you visit directly,

If the dealer says that he was directed by the state to do that, you tell the dealer, your problem, not my problem.

CIA Director Leon Panetta when asked Wednesday what the government would do if Osama Bin

Let's go that direction, rather than imagine that there's some completely new thing.

crushed the winter gardens, and there had to have been a force in the X direction to

So obviously, there had to be a force in the X direction to blow this 100 ton chunk of

What kind of force could push such heavy metal that far, almost in a horizontal direction?

I'm directing my attention to the 90% out there who have been convinced by this evidence

And air would exhaust in all directions.

And if you look at the photos, the air expands in all directions.

which at that point is a three or four lane in each direction highway

the first nine elections were done in direct application of article two section one which is

But they're exported across the state line so that was very upsetting from the beginning wasn't a whole lot of opportunity to participate at the trial first direct opportunity to participate was an amicus brief in the 10th circuit on direct appeal and amicus briefs appellate matters at the federal appellate court aren't really that significant

And in that exchange of information out on the website there were people directly related to the murder building bombing incident who read the letter and they got in touch with me and communications got around and a couple of the survivors

search that page for taylor you'll go directly to the top of the set of pdf links that are

visit directly so they can't see your personal information like your ip address or your location

direct connection between oklahoma and indiana would you like to know what it is sure the facility

so that's how the stay happened it was administrative it wasn't judicial but it was a direct result to

it because the the law of the sea issue is directly tied to this place so i put this state

in the air to make the direct connection between the law of the sea which covers

to make that direct connection so in in this state there's just one there's just one state

municipal court was to direct you to a county or statutory County Court for the

those types of offenses so they were directed to send you to a county or

are personally liable for that. So even though we can't really get a direct review of the

Two, they are directed to sign these complaints

and being directed to do it as a part of their job.

Number two, directed.

direction at these intersections usually.

passed it, but he was coming in that direction.

You can move for a directed verdict.

stand up and demand a directed verdict in your favor

You never make connection with the webpages you visit directly,

If you go to Wise County, Texas, and you get arrested, they're going to take you directly to the nearest magistrate.

So then in the time, you can appeal to a judge directly now.

I've had direct meetings with high level leaders

fleeing in the same direction away from the forest fire.

One directed towards you, Randy, I mean towards Eddie

You're directing the prosecutor to do a certain thing

You never make connection with the webpages you visit directly, so they can't see your personal information, like your IP address or your location

Now, in some states you're not allowed to go directly to the grand jury, Pennsylvania is one of those

So you file with a different district judge if you can't go directly to a grand jury

Do you have a direct grand jury in Massachusetts?

And then just open it in any browser and print it or you can print it directly from online

And in California, the bar grievances are public anyway, but what they're not is available directly

The fine underscored Oscar-winning director Charles Ferguson's contention Sunday that

or some other member of the board of directors or something, they have to hire an attorney.

In fact, she directly threatened me because someone brought it to her attention that I, in fact,

where I'd be directly behind him when he was there at his table,

Don't start running off in 20 directions, we can't even get oriented on where we're at.

In Pennsylvania, they don't have the grand jury directly accessible the way they do in

So even though we don't have the grand jury directly in Pennsylvania, we do have other

then you stand up when he's done talking and say, I move the court for a directed verdict

So you call in and ask who the major is for this particular area and they'll direct you

I thought maybe she was questioning you or directing statements to you.

When I go in the court, if the prosecutor directs a statement to me,

If he has something to say, please instruct him to direct his comments to the court.

Well, again, the reason I say this is, is because since this does not directly involve

that was their board of directors,

It's already been posted directly to the Internet.

they can do it, well the Constitution doesn't forbid them from directly murdering the people

of Texas, does that mean they can do it? It doesn't directly prevent them from committing

a full stop, and what it said on the picket was, it said, charge based on officer's direct

So there is a direct benefit to the homeowner. I personally had my house up for sale a couple

was about a guy that would send out direct mail letters to small business owners

And what he was doing, he was sending out these direct mail letters

A spokeswoman for National Intelligence Director James Clapper says Clapper stands by remarks he made Thursday that Muammar Gaddafi's regime would prevail over rebels seeking to oust him from power.

Oh, I'm going to move in that direction.

I didn't move in that direction on the other ones because I was just learning the system

But I'm more than willing and happy to move in that direction on these this time.

Well, I think he was facing the opposite direction, so he would have been having to use his rearview

it for you, but we definitely want to help people and get them started in the right direction

They will basically take on a direct training premise of this is what you do in court, the

he could be taken directly to that grand jury

And the sword aspect of it is when the grand juries and the citizens initiate a prosecution by going directly to the grand jury.

They directed you to City Hall?

Because if you were directed to appear anywhere other than a location that contains a proper magistrate having jurisdiction of the offense is located,

because the law under 543, specifically, 543 Texas Transportation Code, specifically directs that officer to tell you where to appear

and they were actually trying to get him to violate the law directly.

of Public Safety this time, so now he's finally dealing directly with some public servants

And she points in my direction.

Yet, when it comes to the various state constitutions, the courts of the states have taken a directly

You're coming directly out from under an overpass to make that left and if they've got those

If we simply made this amendment to point directly to the conditions and precedents of the provisions of 2204

Then he's just as guilty under that method of assault using this statute as he would be if he directly committed assault

Because it's already directed straight at the prosecuting attorney who is refusing to obey it

And then we get them to the grand jury directly

And we can directly access them

That's targeted directly at complaints

Directly accessible to the people

That would be taken care of directly

Where we directly take

Access the grand jury directly

Directly to the grand jury because there are

The grand jury directly it's just

Directs the grand jury to

Says that we can directly sue a

but fails to direct you to any other rule of procedure

it's not enough that you just jump directly to some other rule of procedure

from others from a state and also calling it an unincorporated territory places it places it directly under congressional control

where like Eddie was saying directly under the legislative federal legislative authority

We hold him directly for his action that he took last month

So it's not limited to government but it is directed at government

does not directly point you to the rules of civil procedure,

So they can direct the court.

Call us with questions and comments and we will go directly to your calls when we come back.

Well the warrant will have directed them to take you immediately before some magistrate

What we need to work on doing is getting individuals in their particular areas going directly to

Now tell me how it was possible for these people to vote on an act that created a direct

Now the State Bar is governed by a board of directors that receive no compensation and

avoided ruling on it, on his points directly, because he hadn't brought them up in the lower

it's directed at the prosecuting attorney when it's a city attorney, and it goes through

Stop listening all the time unless it's just to enforce what you're doing and seek direction.

direct you to a phone number to call them and discuss your bar grievance problem with

We'll look at how the bar is directing people to process the complaints, and then we'll

look at the rules and see how the rules say they're supposed to direct complaints to make

I will need a way to point the attorney directly at the person who filed the grievance so that

Okay, the right to travel in and of itself is not directly a right, the way it's stated.

Everything I just read you just now was a direct quote from this article, except my

This is specifically directed at Chad and Becky.

Okay in his book Nodhouse writes that the Liberty Dollar is in quote direct competition

Here is direct quote from his book, when the Federal Reserve notes are mixed with the silver

The one thing I found to be very powerful is when you go after someone and not confront them directly.

I can send him a copy of it directly.

And she said, oh, no, no, this is what I received directly from the judge.

If you secret a government document from the person or office it's directed to, that's a felony in Texas.

Because that involves a member of the court directly in the prosecution as the accuser.

Plus it also means a member of the court has directly interfaced with the prosecution to make that complaint.

I would recommend you put every issue that's not directly related to another issue in its own

a link is emailed with directions on how to watch and download the video.

got to go listen to that. And Eddie, I'll send you a direct link to it.

Okay. And in the driveway where he's sitting, what direction, according to where you were, would his car be pointing from you?

his mirror or something of that nature unless he had it angled where he could see directly at the street you were on.

What direction was your cruiser facing?

it comes directly out of the Texas Administrative Code, Title 37, Rule 4.13,

It directs him only to a court

Oh, oh, a speech communication where you had directed them not to contact you directly?

What direction should I take to clear my name at least?

because that's who those laws are directed at

intended to accomplish is a noble goal absolutely headed in the correct direction it's it's down

that associates this directly into the law is a thing called choice of law

matters and what you can do a unicef director once said if you really want to change the world you

direction it doesn't matter which party is control of this house or that house or the white house and

issued by the Treasury, direct from the Treasury as opposed to the Fed. Where does that put

direction, strapped to a rocket jet sled. And it creates some problems. So anyway, no,

build on them. And that's where we end up going the other direction on the rocket sled.

with them just to make sure that that gets started. We just start that direction.

language indicates he hopes to stabilize Libya under indirect U.S. dominion through a kind

Certain things and entities, yes, but not the people directly.

that the Department of Public Safety must directly delegate to local law enforcement.

stating this is the information received directly from the horse's mouth.

that instead of dealing with the Pete police directly first,

Go directly to the prosecuting attorney for the county or the district, whoever currently is handling the charges.

But to answer – further answer your question, Charlie, it does make a difference because donations to Eddie go directly to Eddie.

Before you try to hold him responsible, I'm not trying to misdirect you or thwart what you're doing,

and find the law that tells them that they're required to do what you're asking them to do and then directly invoke that.

I copied and pasted it directly from the Web site.

The course fees were to be paid directly to the college and the material fees were to be paid to the instructor.

My problem is I called the college, I called the executive director of the program.

Evangeline, we need to get directly to the point.

and whoever the director of this agency is is going to get real excited.

I'll try to be as direct as I can. Well, I'm first time caller, so it's a pleasure to meet you.

The funeral of Juliano Merkamis, internationally renowned actor, director and political activist,

professionals. And they could trust them because they were under the direction and control of a

Do your job or we'll add you to the list and take it directly to the grand jury.

I will go through this and be contacting you more directly and with more reasoning about here is what we do next

So I contacted the college and I told the executive director who hired him my concerns

would he be making the checkout to the community college and not him directly?

then drive off in the opposite direction.

According to a March 24, 2011 article in USA Today, Barbara Harsha, executive director

enforcement entities to directly accept federal funds for any reason whatsoever, not even

They can only take money from the tax base, either from the state directly, from the state

And we don't need to move in that direction.

directly to a jail cell, booking him in,

Now, that's a direct violation of Texas law.

to 14.06B and C directly

That order must direct the accused

and that's the one that directed me over here.

they are required by law to take it directly to a grand jury.

even gone up to dinner with him afterwards to discuss some direct issues of my own.

All the cases I'm citing to you, I get directly, I have a complete set of Vernon's.

whole other issue of that being a direct violation of the Texas Constitution to begin with.

That puts every bar card-carrying attorney directly into the judicial branch as a judicial officer.

Well, the judge removes her ankle bracelet because they're supposed to be doing jury voir dire that day.

Then after they finally decided they were not going to get the jury voir dire, he turns to Carolyn Barnes

No, he didn't make any direct recommendations,

Observers believe insurgents are shifting their focus from direct engagements

as in George, which directs the magistrate to do everything that is in

they cannot go directly to trial and skip the due process proceedings

Among the casualties were photojournalist Chris Hondros and Tim Hetherington, director of the Oscar-nominated war documentary Restrepo.

that they be taken directly to the nearest magistrate

Okay, forthwith, black sixth edition, immediately, without delay, directly,

forthwith means immediately, without delay, directly, within reasonable time

Just a written order directing the lower court judge to issue a written order denying your

So you OK, so you file a motion to the next higher court to issue a written order directing

She said she denied the ruling, asked the higher court to direct her to give you the

questions about each one of these because I got these ideas directly from New Jersey

We've got a new set of issues. They're not exactly new, but in the new suit we go directly after the

There's nothing directly in any of this that I can find that deals with it specifically.

A couple of weeks ago in this 60 Minutes program, right at the end they had the director of

What kind of hearing were you in that the officer was directing the prosecution?

And so they just deal directly with the officer.

and I'll get back with you and direct you where you should be headed next.

This is a phrase which comes directly from 5 U.S.C. Section 7, Rule 6, judicial review of agency action.

Is there any particular law or citation you guys can direct me to, to perhaps do a little

they are sued directly while acting in their official capacities.

The judge has gone directly from the initial appearance, skipped over the examining trial,

and without performing any of the necessary steps mandated by law, moved directly to arraignment

that has even indirect knowledge can file the criminal complaint, now there has to be

and then what we do is we go directly to the grand jury with charges against the district

and maybe if you could point me in the right direction as to who, you know, specializes in that kind of thing.

This case, we're going directly after the judge,

So I would let it continue to come directly out of the bank account,

That's a direct cause of action in Texas.

You have a supplier that you don't have a direct contract with Lowe's.

and then we can give you some more directed advice or opinions.

CIA and Pakistan's inter-services intelligence directorate,

Send notice to him directly and then you can put a little $25 ad in the paper doing public

Now, concerning the case, which none of us are involved with directly whatsoever, nor is the

the legal research, but he is not directly on the team of assistants of counsels, but I am. The legal

Anyway, going after the guy directly, that tends to be what we want to do, but it's seldom a good idea.

CIA Director Leon Panetta admitted Wednesday there was no live video footage of the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound.

Thus, they're directed to examine into all criminal complaints that come to their knowledge.

By what they did to Article 1, Section 10, they put it in direct conflict with Article 5, Section 17.

That puts it at direct odds with the indictment requirement of Article 5, Section 17.

Okay, we can directly accuse the sponsor of supporting the molestation

then I will email the updated document directory to you.

a large amount of radioactive tritium directly into the Mississippi River.

you will be directed to the police department,

Criminal complaints are never directed to police officers.

They are always directed to some magistrate.

So file the complaint with a magistrate because that's what they're always directed to.

Well, February 1st, 2010, the new director of the Texas Department of Public Safety,

He said, this is what the department director said, his name's Steve McCrawl.

The Texas DPS has agreed to comply, and that is through the director, his name is Stephen

We have a director, the DPS, who's an ex-FBI agent.

Who would have standing to sue the directors or the heads of these agencies

So at this point, the director has implemented rules that are in violation of statute.

Yes, we go in and claim that the Department of Public Safety through its director is conspiring to commit bribery by accepting bribes from a foreign government.

directly to the shoulders of the person being accused.

released a large amount of radioactive tritium directly into the Mississippi River.

Well, generally, when you're directed to come to court, the court has a duty to be prepared

and we're going to go directly to the grand jury with criminal charges

and save as, and you can download it directly from the archive page, the website.

because he directly violated his oath of office to uphold the Constitution.

State Corrections Director Charles Ryan said using inmate labor wouldn't be a problem.

Okay. Now, explain how far on this street you traveled in the wrong direction.

And when you turned to get into this spot, you were facing opposite the direction of travel of the other automobiles that are parked there.

Okay. So, my next question would be, if it was that close to the intersection, why not turn onto the street in the proper direction and then back up as if you're parallel parking?

Because they can't write you a ticket for parallel parking in the proper direction.

the heightened security, as well as direct efforts to hunt him down.

because they can make the argument that what you did directly endangered the public.

not dealing with them directly because that's not going to get you anywhere.

Where did the constable direct you to appear?

he must direct you to the nearest

You'll need to read it, but what it is, it's a directed

then I fail to see how they would have any arbitrary authority to redirect traffic in such a manner

as to cause the problem you're dealing with, which is a change in traffic direction that's not announced.

That was the direct quote in the newspaper.

I don't believe that the case number is actually linked directly to a mutual fund.

from investigating any public servant without approval of the director.

I mean, do you think that these court clerks are being directed

and he should go directly to the security, the head of security,

is that the motions that were filed went directly to jurisdiction and due process violations,

and you can make the argument that you deserve a directed verdict,

as a cone would in that direction,

if there's another car going in the opposite direction

and in the direction the defendant was traveling,

The other problem is that the prosecutor, while he was doing his jury voir dire,

in direct contrast to that we're getting the education of a lifetime in every single opinion

okay working back down the the generic system from that way in that way and in that direction

to be taken up to the next level the answer is yes both both direct experience and hearing stories

of your family members? Indirectly, we get to that in the Heller case. There's the D.C. case,

something that's passed, passive or passing. It's got to be a direct nexus. So there's a little bit

and transport it directly into other systems

If we lose, or I should technically say they, I'm not directly involved, they lose, then

or a choir member of this house of God to pay a direct tax of any kind.

then as the employee, you've been directed to do what the company asks.

We're going to set this up to frame these issues headed directly to the appeals courts

director of continuing education, and that she didn't seem to be concerned at all.

and he's acting in direct contravention there, too.

But 27.004 goes directly to magistrate courts and anything goes to a magistrate court, I mean a justice court,

We have a statute that goes directly to that

So they can't force you to testify by granting you immunity directly

The people don't elect him directly.

the direct employee of the particular agency, or are they hired specifically for the purpose

Your payment companies won't ask you to, and it's best to enter a website address directly

Once the accused is arrested, they must be brought directly to the magistrate for the

And now we've got the issue that the prosecutor has directed the clerk of the court to sign

The prosecutor is directing her to file a criminal complaint.

of the question, not really a direct answer.

And of course, that's in direct conflict with what a statute says that or Chapter 45 of the

there with my hand on the hood of the car and one of the deputies telling me directly

direction that it's pointing. I've been doing that all day. It hasn't helped. All right. Okay.

attorney. So if an attorney gets sued in Australia, they take the money from the law society directly.

direct amendment. So if someone is being required to testify and his testimony can be used against

No, not directly. Only under federal law.

Foreign Ministry Director General Rafael Barak sent out classified cables

And in the past, we just had mechanical, you know, check the lights and the directionals,

information goes directly to the state, the Department of Transportation, and it's all logged

directly to the state of Texas, but it's also being shared with the federal government through

Okay. But one of the questions you ask when you select that jury is, is anyone directly employed,

tell her when she calls you, but you have to communicate that to her directly.

You're supposed to be brought directly to a magistrate for the examining trial right then

The police are supposed to bring arrested persons directly to a magistrate for the purpose of an

Well, if you read a code for a purpose other than to gather its direct meaning, if you

I suggest you send a letter to the attorneys directing them to cease and desist and file

You can go directly after him for that because that becomes threatening and harassment on

The lower courts cannot directly assign you counsel, okay?

Moama Gaddafi's regime is in direct talks with Libya's rebels.

I was assured direct contacts between Benghazi and Tripoli are already underway.

That's the imperimateria argument between the limitation to arrest without warrant for a traffic offense that was established by the legislature directly in the code versus the general provisions of the code of criminal procedure.

Oh no, did they take you directly to the nearest magistrate?

who's competing directly with the company I work for and, you know, with my company. And

from them or whatnot. Correct, because the employee came to you directly. The only way

of two people in one lane. Going opposite directions? Same direction or what? Same direction.

Right. Okay. Federal means federal. It is only the area where the federal has direct

The direct action has been organized on the Women to Drive Facebook page, where women

Campaigners say the direct action will continue until a royal decree reverses the ban.

we're claiming it because the company has no direct interest in the property but every time

vicarious liability fiduciary duty it goes directly to them for their particular actions

Goes to the same thing. If I have a policy, if I'm the director of the library and I decide on a policy of no partner hair on the left,

arguing against recognition foreign ministry director general Rafael Barak sent out classified

and address it directly then okay the rest of the callers out there on the board i am so sorry

And he'll direct you to the prosecuting attorney

Does it have to do directly with the forest service?

are sort of done at his direction.

that direction.

If a guy has just murdered somebody and he's walking away in the direction you went, you

law side of the court, served the judge directly with a notice in my private capacity, touching

If he really wants to say something to somebody, go to his safety service director, his town,

service MI6 and France's directorate general or external security

Once the arrest is made, the policeman has a duty to take you directly to the nearest magistrate.

He was given the power to arrest, but he was required to take the person directly to a neutral magistrate and explain himself.

And if you seek a government document from the person or office it is directly to, that's a felony in Texas.

Now if you go to the police, the police, well if you go to the prosecutor or anyone, they'll direct you to the police department to file a complaint.

and directly direct you to the police department with your complaint.

and the district judge will likewise direct you to the police department.

I tend not to like to cite a case directly if I can avoid it.

And ask a more directed question. Did they do this? Did they do this? Did they do this? Did they do this? So it will go more directed, and then we'll have sanctioned attorney records to support the complaint.

National Nurses United executive director Roseanne DiMauro said people understand the

You direct your verbiage toward the court.

You direct your motions.

Everything you say, you are directing it towards the court.

is it my understanding correctly from prior comments that I can in fact demand to be taken directly to a magistrate or would I have to check Maryland rules and code for that as well?

I guess that's all I have if indeed I can't reasonably rely on a court giving due respect to either of those two documents in terms of being taken directly to a magistrate.

for anybody other than those that have something to do directly with the bills in the special

So that being said, I haven't got to talk to them lately directly.

And then they've done direct mailings to the individuals there.

Of course, you're saying he's not a third-party debt collector, that he's collecting directly for the holder.

Outgoing CIA director Leon Panetta was sworn in as Defense Secretary Friday.

Outgoing CIA director Leon Panetta was sworn in as Defense Secretary Friday.

as possible to turn it into the question so it's clear that this question came directly

issues but they went to those issues from different directions and in different contexts

when I came to him, I was in dire financial straits in the verge of filing Chapter 7 because

So that there's questions that actually go directly to sanctions that have actually been filed.

And as it moves in that direction the banks are going to be a lot more amenable to try to find a way to make a lawsuit go away rather than fight it

The House voted to deny funding for direct help to the rebels, although a proposal to

That makes you a serious threat to them because they can't deal directly with you.

So the only recourse we have left is to go directly after them for that.

Actually, if you go to, I have links to Respa, Tila, and FDCPA right on the root directory.

Well you make up criminal complaints against the officers if they didn't follow procedure take or two directly to the nearest magistrate and file that with the prosecutor when he refuses to accept and go after him.

The House voted to deny funding for direct help to the rebels,

If they've done something that's improper, if they've acted totally within their rights and within the law, no, there's nothing you can do. But if they acted outside of their rights and interfered, directly interfered with your rights, absolutely you can take action.

So having a history of one person instilling faith in the other person... You can't sue someone because they do something you don't like. You can only sue someone if they violated right or they injure you directly.

They are. They're written directly in the statute that way.

Armor Group Director of Operations James Gordon, who will collect $1.3 million of the settlement

agency that's not directly contracted under statute by that government agency, then you

party entity that's directly contracted by a governmental entity, that entity is also

debt collector that has picked up the account through sale, not through direct contract

you say, can you direct me to a case that has a motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction?

I do want to direct him to his state's judicial website because believe it or not a lot of

Well he could be in contempt by failing to do what a prior order may have directed him

39.06 unwritten interrogatories is really directed at the opposing party correct unwritten

interrogatories are when unwritten written it says yeah written interrogatories are directed

just initiate the suit in county court directly okay and you had mentioned a gentleman's name

that whole thing what is it called the voir dire voir dire is when you're talking well

the case you won you can go after them directly with no profit it wouldn't profit me would

word forums forward slash the word directory dot php.

When you go there, you'll get a list of the judge's directory.

That's what I've got this page set to right now is the judge directory.

can look up judge directories for a given state or for a given federal judge in a given

Because it directly violates the Texas Constitution in Article 5 Section 12B which specifically

It directly violates Article 1 Section 10 of the Texas Constitution and as such it automatically

my charges directly into the hands of the Fulton County grand jury.

and prosecution, that it will be directly declared a crime for a prosecuting attorney

attorney for the state, whether it be the individual going directly to him and doing

this is kind of directed towards you. I was going to ask you to let, I could talk with you

This is a clear indication that the magistrate became directly involved in issuing this warrant

In order to do that, you have to give me a chain of custody directly back to the original lender

a determination not to release you immediately, he must, in my statute, take you directly

is take me directly to the nearest magistrate, never happens.

of jurisdiction, he misdirects the government document from the person or department is

directed to and under 3710 penal code that's a felony in the state of Texas.

He'll direct you to the police department.

that he may be the one that's directing this uniform.

not making a direct accusation of what they did back then, we're making an accusation

the board of directors of 90.1 have a big surprise for everyone

What has to happen here is once you know what court did this, you address that court directly

If people need to understand that, you need to make the challenge to it directly on those grounds and sue them under your state constitution under those grounds if they persist.

Arkeem Steiner, director of the UN Environment Programme, said Wednesday climate change could

sea level rose one meter over the next 100 years. The director said a myriad of climate-induced

that they were not going to advise the board of directors of 90.1 to shut down the station

Would it be okay if I gave my email over the air if anyone would like to send an email to me in hopes to give me extra direction in this?

So if you have a headset or something, just kind of move your mic just to your chin, or if you're using a handset, try not to talk directly into the mic.

in anybody else's business? Unless they're doing something that directly impacts me and

fuck, fuck, fuck. That doesn't cost nothing. It doesn't cost you anything directly. Well,

Okay, we're going to go to the top of the hour break. When we come back, we'll be taking questions, and I'm going to ask Ken to talk just a little bit about the clerk because that's the one individual that most people who have court issues interact with directly.

They don't apply to anybody else because there's nobody else that falls under the direct jurisdictional authority of a municipality.

The judge is attempting to deprive you of a protected right that is written directly

You have to be able to lay a proper foundation through either direct or cross examination

You know, if you sue a state, you sue them directly in the Supreme Court.

directs me the same direction I should go in.

If the words would have direct meaning saying that a criminal proceeding is civil, then

They can only make policy and rules, in which case they can only be suggestory, not directory.

Yes, they go directly after the judge. Go directly after the judge. You can file a motion

diversity jurisdiction. You're removed from wherever you normally would be into the direct

It was somewhat ambiguous to move forward in this direction with the NDIs, new dietary

sweeter than sugar, but it's a direct competitor with the powers to be big supporters.

that direction.

No, first, what you need to do is get a hold of your other guys who were directed off campus.

In fact, my sleep deprivation is directly related to an update to a motion in the seminar

The ability to do something is not directly related to the existence of the office just

unless otherwise expressly directed by law and give legal advice in writing to the governor

seek a judicial forfeiture of such Charters unless otherwise expressly directed by law

at the direction of and in support of local law enforcement.

Former director of national intelligence, Dennis Blair, Thursday strongly criticized

So even though this is Texas law, it will almost all of it will translate directly into

unusual. Okay. And absolutely what Ken said, direct the clerk to bring this to the attention

The problem is the statute can't supersede the Constitution, where the Constitution makes a directive, assigns a duty, or conveys a power or authority.

But, where the Constitution makes a direct statement about what they will do, or what they can have, or what they can be,

He can't file it directly with the grand jury, he must file it in the county court.

inaccurate information, but you don't want to go directly to suing the credit bureaus first

Okay. Well, I really appreciate the direction and keep up the good work, you guys.

Debra advertises my email address. You can contact me directly with questions and or

What is all this thing, this unjust enrichment you were talking about? Could you go in that direction

That's almost a direct quote. I've practically memorized this case because I'm using it in one of my cases.

to provide by law for an appeal direct to the Supreme Court of this state from an order of any trial court

And not only is it unconstitutional, it directly violates the subject matter of the statute.

And under that, you have subsection C, an appeal may be taken directly to the supreme court from an order of a trial court,

In which case, we should be able to take an appeal on that directly to the state supreme court.

Okay, good thing I called you. I was going to go a different direction.

Well, we're going to go this direction, I guess, through the routine.

But while we're waiting on another caller, I'm going to go ahead and look some more at what we're talking about here on the constitutionality of a statute and the ability to directly appeal to the Supreme Court of the state.

Well, the problem here is he can file, he can sue this magistrate directly because they have no protection.

And even if the statute said it, it's in direct conflict with Article 5, Section 12b of the Texas Constitution.

When they deny it, file a petition directly with the state supreme court basing everything we're talking about as the reason why the injunction should be granted.

directly into your child's veins.

I know, but what I'm trying to say is, and I know that that wasn't a direct answer to your question, Randy, but the point is, if it doesn't work 99% of the time, then that would seem like a capricious decision on the part of the employer to require that of employees.

for, I'm not sure if it was summary judgment or directed verdict here, now it's not directed

I was hoping y'all could give me some direction on which way to go.

directly from the transportation code, and they cover virtually any type of offense that

Craig moves the court to direct and so order whomever is purporting to act as the attorney

Such usages would include, but not be limited to, jury voir dire, opening statements, direct

I'd like to get your ideas on the best approach to being hit with unending child support through direct withdrawals through my employer, even though the child I was importing has been living with me for almost a year now.

Paying a payment ahead comes directly off the principal.

customer, and just precisely how did it manage to do that without some operator directing

And that's a third party collecting a debt who has no direct connection to the original

The head of the military judicial authority, Major General Mahmoud Morsi, said there will be no tolerance to insults directed at the armed forces.

So if you're showing up on a citation, or if you're brought in directly by a peace officer, this is supposed to get done.

But Gary and Georgia is quite knowledgeable in this area and he will probably be able to help you more directly than I can.

It says the police office required to take you directly to the magistrate and the magistrate

They never do this in its complete totality like they're directed to do.

The officer has either brought you directly to the magistrate within the very last few minutes

We are responsible for our own worst problems in this area because we are not demanding that they do what we gave them directions to do in the bodies of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Remember, this is taken directly out of the Bill of Rights, what they're supposed to do in this regard.

Now, after the magistrate has been directed by the statute to forward all forms requesting assistance of counsel to one of the

And when you don't do the things that our law directs you to do to protect our rights, both in procedure and in application, you commit a crime.

It also goes hand in hand with being brought directly before a magistrate under 1406 B and C of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

I would definitely consider filing a lawsuit directly against that clerk, the Austin Municipal

And I, fortunately, you know, I went the right direction.

Or you file it with a district attorney or you go directly to the grand jury.

You can't take it directly to the court of federal claims.

They are a state facility. So they're operating supposedly directly under state law written

That will almost always take you directly to whatever website is the official website for

The only difference is that rather than being made out as being directed to a peace officer

If you were directed by an officer to do something that violates the law or suffer consequences

to give me a direct order in a loud, demanding, and agitated voice while displaying a deadly weapon.

Yeah, what authority would he have to have in order to give me a direct order?

Authorized to direct traffic or arrest for traffic offenses?

That's what I mean. There was no traffic to direct as I was parked.

And I think if anybody listened to Richard Reeves' interview earlier, they should focus in that direction.

And you know what, I'll say that I agree with that statement, but I will also say this. I believe that if there is a way to do it within the Republican Party, the listeners of the rule of law radio won't be the people that are, you know, directing the grassroots effort.

Depending on how many delegates represent your precinct or allowed to represent your precinct, if there's a certain number or over, then the delegates, the precinct is allowed to elect the delegates that will go to State directly.

In other words, you kind of bypass the convention and you directly elect the delegates from your precinct that go to State.

There's just too many precincts for every precinct to be represented directly.

So, if you don't have enough delegates from your precinct in order to directly elect a certain number of delegates to go to State, then what happens is your delegates from your precinct get put into a pool called the at-large delegate pool.

Or if this is an attorney firm acting at the direction of a servicer

Or at the direction of anyone who cannot prove up

because the issue goes directly to standing and nothing else

I just need some direction or guidelines to- Okay, first question I got is, whose name

Well, I don't have it directly, but it's in the next week.

Brave New Books is in the basement of the Chase Bank building right there, directly across from Slotski's, which is on Guadalupe.

You would be basically directly across the street from the front door.

But in any case, the difference there is going to be one that's directly a horrible day-to-day business like the taxi cabs are versus the limousines.

Now, like I say, if you're actually using it, you know, to generate money directly by its use, such as delivering people or property, things of that nature,

And it was, you know, it's all pieces and lies, you know, that I have to put together to show manipulate, you know, to show malice versus, you know, the direct, you know, more implied malice versus the specific instances of actual malice.

Working hour reductions and a corresponding growth of corporate profits led directly to the economic downturn.

You can send them directly to collect that amount.

not provide the number the law specifically directs the bank what they are to do and that

it but it's both big companies, this was Dish and they said even Direct TV will not take

I don't think they know that... I don't think they've ever made that decision yet, although that's kind of the direction I'm going.

You want to pick it up for us and make sure I'm not going off in the wrong direction.

The transportation code in 543 directs the officer to take the individual before a magistrate.

is you are supposed to be taken directly to a magistrate but in lieu of that what they

because when you hit record, it live streams directly to the internet. It's too late. It

reading directly from the ruling here, verbatim. Okay, here it goes. The filming of government

of verbal criticism and challenge directed at police officers, end quote. Indeed, quote,

directly say that they would strike down this Massachusetts law, if the issue got in

even though the Commission directed the archives to make most of the material public in 2009.

international donors of indirectly funding forced labor in Vietnam's drug rehabilitation

if you hadn't have left, they would have probably directed you to.

Okay. And direct the court that he, the court has no power to interfere with the contract.

Now this is transcribed directly from a recording of what transpired in the court that day.

But what I wish to address here directly is her attack on the facts stated in these motions.

It directs the magistrate who issued the warrant immediately after execution to make the warrant

And I want to see a copy of the warrant and all associated documents as is directed by

We direct that inquiry directly to the magistrate's office?

Well, when we file the criminal complaint tomorrow, we're going to direct, I guess we're

going to direct the felonies to the district attorney and the misdemeanors to the...

Well, you know, I'd have some high-minded rhetoric, but it really doesn't direct him to do anything

Article 2.03, very first statute that gives a specific directive to the district attorney,

these people. Lead them. Lead them either directly or indirectly and from my part it's

better to lead them indirectly. Do what you're going to do through the mail if it's at all

any involvement with the police officer without anything happening to them. I was directed

we're talking about. Now direct complaints, far grievances, judicial

conduct complaints and criminal complaints, they are a very direct way of creating politics.

They had, under 1406, a duty to take him directly to the nearest magistrate.

So, if whatever judge they sign into, what I generally do when I file a writ is I take it to the clerk and I ask the clerk, are you going to take this directly to the judge or shall I take it myself?

So I directed them out to YouTube to look at your videos and do you have your contact information in your videos?

I've had several people call in from California and I've tried to refer them to you because you have more direct knowledge of California statute than I do.

I don't know so much that the crew would be lazy as it would be under direct order not to move.

It's the direct order. You're exactly right. And we have to look at all the aspects and pull them out, like pulling teeth and show them in front of everybody.

U.S. District Judge Rosemary Caller rejected the ACLU's argument that former CIA director Leon Panetta had previously acknowledged the agency's use of drones

Okay. So it's directly across the street on the same right on the right hand side then?

And the people all were going to an apartment complex that is down that street so people wouldn't have actually been crossing the street. They would be approaching that corner to turn right to go in the same direction I was going in.

Earlier regarding the court cases, if you do want to donate to us, there is a place on the Rule of Law website where you can make donations directly to me.

But I'm not personally directly familiar with how he does everything he does or what he does.

The question of whether the dire warnings are warranted or overblown became more acute

Everything relating to the certificate of title directly goes to the fact that there

And simply directed the police officer on what to fill out on the paperwork

And the problem he has is he made a bigger boo boo based upon a direct order by a superior officer

to the website you can make a donation directly to me you can make it the rule

Chris's Chris would have one directly against them for what they're doing to

namely yellow cats because they would have to get evidence they're directly

words you can't show a direct link between their actions and the incentives

Huge crowds marched from Tagir Square, a focal point of protests, to the directorate of security to protest against the violence and shelling in the city.

Everybody takes the deal. And everybody takes the deal because the prosecutors, the legislature in their wisdom directed prosecutors to provide legal advice to the police in lower courts.

either directly to me, to the show and ear market for that, or whatever you need to do,

or if you wish you can send me a postal money order directly and if you'll send me an email

Our officers, when they arrested this poor slob, didn't take him directly to the nearest

Huge crowds marched from Tagir Square, a focal point of protests, to the directorate of security to protest against the violence and shelling in the city.

That is a little too complex for me to answer directly.

They're just saying you can't sue nears directly because nears didn't directly harm you.

I seriously doubt that there's anything direct if the information he...

Andrew Stathner, Deputy Director of the National Employment Law Project said,

But we're all focused in different directions.

I was making criminal accusations against the district attorney to the bailiff because the high sheriff of the county had directed me to and he came in and threatened me for the purpose of interrupting my access to a public building.

Thank you for directly answering my question.

When in fact they're in direct contrast to each other and they make it virtually impossible to get a true meaning of something.

We announced that we are moving forward with two federal lawsuits on issues that I have directly with the game wardens over in Nacodotus County

We're going to have to start going directly after those involved in this fraud

Anything written in it is directed squarely at transportation.

The government can regulate those activities that have a direct impact on the health safety and welfare of the general public.

Not every activity, just those that are in commerce or if they're private, they would have to have a direct derogatory effect on the public health and welfare.

So again, only where they can show a direct effect on the public health and welfare can they do it at all. And they cannot make the argument that reasonable regulation means licensing of the right to use your car.

So I started basically carrying a digital recorder and trying to have it available for any aspect of the enforcement of this bogus ordinance and any threats, intimidation directed towards me and also to capture any kind of evidence of crimes being committed.

In this instance there was no tow truck that got involved directly because I had voluntarily, not necessarily voluntarily, I removed the cars from my mother's property to keep them from being able to actually come on the property and seize them.

But he was required to take you directly to the nearest magistrate.

They are to take you directly to the nearest magistrate.

If they don't take you directly to the nearest magistrate,

legal action in the U.S. against directors of the news of the world's parent company,

Lewis said he'll seek depositions from the company's directors, including Hubert Murdoch

He said, I can't tell it as long as you can get out a different direction.

Yes. And Terry Means tried to remand the case back down to the state and wouldn't accept the non-payment of fees. However, the appellate court gave me direct access to their court and has put my case on docket.

Yeah. And so the appellate court gave me direct access to their court.

Oh, hi. Katherine Albrecht here, giving driving directions that involve left turns.

And so what happens is if, according to state code, if this is a specific private entity that is working in contract directly with the government agency,

It won't work against governmental entities or entities that are directly contracted with the state.

then because those are managed by city ordinance, once again, we get the issue of laws being directory versus required.

I've seen many websites and videos explaining the UCC-1 document and the Treasury Direct Account.

And so by doing that, you are actually filing the criminal complaint directly with the grand jury,

In most states, there is nothing prohibiting a citizen from being able to access the grand jury directly,

And then I need to send that directly to a grand jury and ask them if I can appear before a grand jury session.

Well, first and foremost, I would direct your guest to a case that, believe it or not, was pointed out to one of your previous guests by the name of Mark Adams,

The other thing, and after I hang up, I want to hear Randy comment on this, I would direct the guests.

I would also direct your guests toward what's called the Daubert Trilogy, which goes to scientific evidence.

In Robert Stein, the medical director of Cook County Medical Examiner at the time said that it could have taken days

This is a very, very dire situation.

much power coming at us from all directions and us filing one grievance isn't going to

He especially redoubled his efforts when they directed their views at him to retaliate for his trying to expose what they were doing.

And now we have a perfect example of exactly the same thing directed at Randy Kelton,

I pray it's nothing dire.

Texas law says the habeas corpus for a misdemeanor can only be directed

You're giving them evidence to use against you at a court of law in direct violation

But right now, we're in dire need.

Well, you know, let me know when you're heading that direction. I'd like to ride along.

And that's part of what the chemtrails do, is lay out where the grid is going, the direction of the movement of the storm, how big the storm is going to be, how much rain is let down, how quickly it moves along.

research and a tendency to move directly into operational projects.

And that was the beginning of these directed energy weapons

That's why they can't regulate every kind of business, only those that have a direct

It directly violates the Texas Constitution.

direction on where to go about this.

In a personal capacity, you're going directly after the individual themselves, their assets,

But if you sue them in their official capacity, then that directly and necessarily involves

That's a direct violation of the entire purpose of government, which is to protect us from

You have to be harmed directly.

You'd swear it was lifted directly from the Southern Poverty Law Center, where basically

Bill Allison, editorial director at the Sunlight Foundation,

And so as a weatherman, I want to know where the high clouds are because that directly impacts my forecast for the afternoon high

But we were actually doing it to get direct measurements.

for weather modification research and a tendency to move directly into operational projects.

They have to maintain separation from traffic on the opposite direction,

planes flying directly over,

You can do a 1983 action against these individuals for attempting to update the state constitution in a manner that directly violates the federal constitution.

Not that they're not real to the people going through them, but the fact is, is they're neither tangible nor directly provable.

Let the employer try to explain this. If you don't have a contract authorizing him to take money out of your paycheck, so far as I know the courts have no authority to direct him to take that out of your paycheck.

Now, they do have authority to direct you to ask him to do that.

And the only way they're going to get there is in a direct uninterrupted line of ownership from the original holder to them.

He's collecting directly for me. But if I sell the note to him, and then he's collecting for in his own behalf, now he's a debt collector.

If if I can get a, you know, I need one to pick up this lawsuit against these judges and the state and primarily Perry, if we hold Perry responsible for the mess that is occurring under his directorship, this is on his watch.

You won't get to congressman or representative or the senator directly.

and that directly violates the Texas Constitution.

is any record the court generates that is not directly related

Let's talk about what that prosecuting attorney is supposed to do when he is directed by law to do it.

But in any case, they go through, they seize him, arrest him, take him directly to jail, held him for 18 hours.

then you send a complaint directly to the grand jury,

20.09, which we talked about earlier, directs the grand jury.

in direct conflict with the judge saying that there is no statute that allows

and turned them over to these two assistant district attorneys in direct violation of the judge's order.

may have violated the judge's orders and the directives of the grand jury,

meaning the grand jury's, directive for the DA's office to stay out of the secret proceedings.

According to a new book, self-control is directly linked to how much sugar and sleep we get.

And that came directly from the town.

Yeah, I would help point some of them in the right direction and say like, hey, you know, I can't give you legal advice, but check this out.

So I chose that code because it relates to a direct personal freedom requirement I have.

I moved the court for a directed verdict in favor of the defense.

Therefore, you are entitled to that directed verdict.

and follow up with, defense has a written motion and order for the court to sign granting the motion for directed verdict.

You move for directed verdict.

First of all, would you restate the statement that you made related to the directed verdict?

I moved the court for a directed verdict in favor of the defense.

Otherwise, if it's not a law, it's a rule and a rule can only be directory on the people.

Now, I don't know if it's a direct order or anything, but we were just told.

I just wanted to clarify what he said about the directed verdict earlier.

The whole purpose of the directed verdict is before it ever goes to the jury.

You make the directed verdict motion to the court as soon as the state rests.

That defeats the purpose of a directed verdict.

A directed verdict requires the judge to take the decision out of the jury's hands and give an acquittal to the defense.

I think they're just trying to handle it in the background, not directly representing anybody formally.

Anything else is just a rule. And as a rule, it can only be directory.


I recommended that she find some other activity to direct her energy to.

You could ask, go to the American Medical Association and ask the director what the single most important thing is to protect a human against disease.

Indirect correlation with the other law surrounding their use

Directed verdict in

Write one yourself and take it directly to the grand jury in your area and file it directly with them yourself

And a rule can only be directory on the people it cannot be mandatory

Directed specifically at misrepresentation of law

Or thing that you're directing them to do

You can file your claim directly with their insurance company having in your hand written

If that tow company took it somewhere other than where you directed, they stole the car.

That's what I directed them to.

their tow yard rather than where you directed them, as Randy noted, that is theft.

U.S. banks have only moderate exposure to the European countries currently seeking bailout relief, but adding exposure to wounded economies in Italy and Spain, indirect exposure through European banks, and credit default swaps, the total tops $4 trillion.

They are the only witnesses that they try to make direct quotes from in here. And there's problems with that. They misrepresented what he said according to him.

I moved the court for a directed verdict in favor of the defense.

written an affidavit as to exactly what transpired when I requested the directed verdict,

The fence has a written motion in order for the court to sign granting the motion for direct...

directed by...

It's a very short one-page motion on the motion to give me the directed verdict for the defense.

If you get it directly from me at the moment, yes.

Yeah, and it also appears maybe she's taking direction from somebody else too.

Yeah, not to mention when the reporter that was barred from the room and she looked directly at me because prior to coming back into the court, I'd been down in the lobby interviewing with these guys on camera about what was going on.

Because Mary Krenick was in direct contact with the reporter in question and he informed her of the email that he had received from Judge Statman in relation to this.

Occupy Wall Street movement, yet federal agencies answering directly to the president coordinated

I stood up and asked asked for the court to rule in my favor, directed verdict in my favor,

Well, it's a it's a motion for a directed verdict, not a dismissal. But hang on just

court. I did say it was a directed verdict in favor of the defense because the state failed

co-directs of a private corporation, well, they can't produce a contract, at best there may be a

yet federal agencies answering directly to the president coordinated the nationwide crackdowns on Occupy camps behind the scenes.

Rupert Murdoch's son James has resigned as director of the companies that published the UK Times, Sunday Times and The Sun.

Yeah, but again, that's presuming direct taxation power of the people within the states, which

directly after the individuals.

Reserve doesn't really buy them directly. The key bonds are sold to what are called primary dealers,

of directly from our Treasury department. It's just a ruse. But anyway, I don't want to get too

as director of the companies that published the UK Times,

Well, they take them directly to jail instead of went to a magistrate.

Did they take him directly to the nearest magistrate?

then taking them directly to the magistrate is a very serious fine letter of law.

then I direct you to enforce the ordinances of the municipality, the county, and the laws of the state.

It speaks directly to what they call a bill of attainder.

Some court in the state had to do it. Find out who did it. If they're directing you to a particular court, file a civil suit against that judge, the court, and the city it's located in.

And I have to just go there directly and pay the fee, I guess, to a clerk. There's been no court date or anything like that.

Anything else is a rule and a rule can only be directory, which means we recommend you

You are required to know what constitutes proper cross and proper direct.

I would even go so far as to say these documents are being produced in direct violation of

When you saw him and he saw you, were you going toward each other or going the same direction

Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, said, quote,

Well obviously because of all this Occupy stuff, they're protesting directly against

But Eddie had suggested that in the trial that he asked that once the state had rested that he asked the court do a motion for a directed verdict.

And what we do is we plug directly into the modem.

of Santa Ana, California, directed their employees to forge foreclosure documents, notarize the

Directly at the, in this case, both of them were in Delaware at their agent of record in Delaware.

to accept service on behalf of Dr. Levitt by either showing direct authority or implied authority.

More than nine months into the crisis, workers are still unable to gauge the damage directly because of dangerously high levels of radiation inside the reactor building.

So in any case, right now we seem to have some momentum. We have the pendulum swinging in our direction as a necessity.

TEPCO wouldn't comment on the exact position of the molten fuel or on how much of it is exposed to water being pumped in to cool the reactor. More than nine months into the crisis, workers are still unable to gauge the damage directly because of dangerously high levels of radiation inside the reactor building.

So they just made an error in their pleading. And I call this an unspore talk. The other guy screwed up and asked the court to direct them to go in and correct their error.

I've been, I've said it's just a matter of directing it

flies directly in the face of Article 5 of the Texas Constitution.

I'm sorry, was that actually directed at me?

or you can buy the documents directly from Eddie.

of this section that the peace officer's order or direction or duty being

The officers had no authority to direct them to move across the street and take

He is willing to wage war on the American people themselves directly if we in

You would directly go down like this.

Actually, what the law says is that if they arrest you, they have to bring you directly to a Magistrate before they bring you anywhere else, no matter if they want to call it jail or downstairs or anything.

Hey, look, I had to give you some directions on discovery and their collection practice.

No, it was, it was, if the bank directly, they report an inequality report, it was charged off account that was charged off.

And you're giving that notice directly to the officer, rather than filing it in the public record.

More than nine months into the crisis, workers are still unable to gauge the damage directly because of dangerously high levels of radiation inside the reactor building.

Just a bunch of rules that are directory not mandatory.

It simply isn't possible because the ordinance cannot be anything to me but directory.

but the political pendulum is again swinging in the opposite direction and the doctrine of governmental inactivity and economical matters is attacked daily with increasing vehemence.

And as I pulled out and went in there, up comes the state trooper coming in the opposite direction.

workers are still unable to gauge the damage directly

Most everything that I'm putting into this questionnaire goes directly to remedy.

So if you've got your formula put together for this question, this direction, this question leads to that direction.

The increase gives the Pentagon a total of $518 billion to cover everything except direct war spending.

It would be a crying shame to finally get this kicked off in a direction where we can start being more capable of helping and reaching more people just to have it shut down

You didn't get your 10 days or seven days, kind of like what happened to John and Matt when they were directed to report three days later.

something I deal with directly in every case is drug issues. However, I will be willing

email or whatever, I will do my best to try to point you in the right direction and see

in the right direction, I am being detoured from way too regularly. I find it very hard

If he knowingly fails or refuses to comply with an order or direction of a peace officer that is given by a visible or audible signal,

is an affirmative defense to prosecution for violation of this section that the peace officer's order or direction or duty being performed is unlawful, which it was.

They need to file criminal charges against the director of the jail.

you promise to appear from time to time as the court directs.

Because, you know, for $3.95 a month, you get to chat directly with the other people that are listening

You can connect directly with the host and ask questions directly to their personal account.

we're going to release the director's cut, which is going to be slightly longer,

and on the director's cut we're going to be releasing the full-length interviews of all the interviews,

no evidence of direct contact between the two.

And I had a book on how to remember names, but the crux of it was a mental discipline that caused you to focus directly on the name.

Yeah, I was directed to pay it to this guy.

that would direct the grand jury to sit once a month to hear complaints from private citizens,

local police officers when they arrest someone to them taking them directly to the nearest

he was he was very good at not directly answering my questions but I stayed after him and finally

citizen can go directly to the grand jury right now we have prosecutors some of them

may actually think that we can't go directly to the grand jury because you know they've

directly for failing to abide by, failing to perform a duty they're required to perform.

That's not unbuildable time for him and has the potential of affecting him directly.

That's why I'm pushing for this legislation so we can go down and present to them directly.

Did you give them any kind of communication directing them not to contact you by phone?

And one of the more interesting facets of that was that the prosecutor openly stated in Bourdire that he was not a county attorney.

In Bourdire, you stated that you're not a county attorney.

You're saying that a government official can't give any direction to the church.

Okay, so you're saying any direction at all.

We send a letter to each of the credit reporting agencies directing them to remove any references

So you don't have that direct remedy against them.

Now that I know that I'm not personal property, either tangible or intangible, as I've now read the definition of, and see that the Constitution only allows that that can be taxed, I fully plan on going that direction, sir.

and network with people directly in your area.

If you can't produce the harm that is directly related to you, you have no suit.

If what the judge did, according to other judges anyway, is directly related to his judicial functions,

for my cooperation during the incorrectly stated and misdirected 2003 to 2005 recycling fraud investigation of the Watts area neighborhood recycling center that I founded in 1997.

Chris Townsend political action director of the United Electrical Workers Union described

criminal procedure, which specifically directs him to give them to the grand jury.

person who was directed to, that's defined as tampering with the government

Now, they won't have any direct effect

All communication is to be directed to the agent,

and any attempts to contact the principal directly after being duly notified and sworn with a cease and desist notice

or exercising ownership, direction or control over a person is a criminal offence that carries terms of imprisonment.

Can you move the mic out from directly in front of your mouth or give it some distortion?

Yeah, well, exercising ownership, direction and control over you.

We have direc